Deepak Theatre is running successfully challenging all the other theatres In Hyderabad from past 62 years. At present where all the theatres are closing down due to slump in Cine field, we tried to find out much about the oldest theatres and for which, we had an interview with the Deepak theatre Manager A.P.Prasad.

Here are the insight details of Deepak theater.

Sir, please tell us about Deepak Cinema Theatre?

Deepak Cinema Theatre was established by Late Shri Ram Narayan Jaiswal in 1949. We are really proud to say that, it is the oldest theatre in Hyderabad. The theatre has seen many Super Hit to Golden Jubilee movies. Before the theatre was named as “Deepak Mahal” which later got changed to “Deepak Cinema”.

Sir, please tell us about your background?

I hail from Khamman.  I am working in this theatre as Manager for the past 9 years.  Before this I used to work as Manager in Mayuri Films at Rajahmundry. I completed my B.Com and LLB studies. I am married and I have two daughters and one Son.  From 20 years I am in cine field. I was owner of a theatre in Miryalaguda.

What is the seating capacity of the theater? What are the categories?

There are total of 949 seats available in our Theatre. They are divided as in Deluxe class, Reserved class, lower class. Deluxe class consists of 314 seats, reserved class has 375, and lower class has 200 availability.

How much a full house theater would be collecting?

Rs.23,792/-  is our Houseful collection. And for a week it collects around Rs.6 lakhs.

How is Exhibitor Business? Your opinion?

At present the Exhibitor business or cine field is experiencing its worse situation and facing a huge slump. The percentage of audience that used to visit theatres is decreasing gradually. The reason behind this is easy availability of Pirated CD’s or DVD’s and very less interesting movies production. People are unable to fang good movies.

How is the Success rate of this business & returns? (In general)

The success rate of a movie has fallen very much in past years. Out of many only few good movies are able to make a good mark in the audience mind and for that also exhibitors are creating competition in themselves by bidding high for movies. For example If a big celebrity movie releases every exhibitor get involved in bid and raises the movie rate to own the movie. So exhibitors who can’t afford the amount have to quit the movie. If it’s a small movie Distributors approach Exhibitors but for big budget and celebrities movies we have to approach Distributors.

At present we are earning very less profits in this firm. Because this is an oldest theatre we don’t want to close the theater and we are trying our level best to run this theatre in this slump.

Where exhibitors should register? What will be the fees?

To become a Exhibitor and get a license, we have to register under Police commissioner. Have to send a requesting letter for license to Police commissioner. Then he will forward the same to the Traffic/RTO office for Parking Inspection, DCP Zone for Hygiene canteen Inspection, and also to R&D, Fire Electrical, Film Division, and Entertainment Tax Officer (ETO). Once this entire department provides a approval then only Police commissioner will approve our request and provide exhibitor license. The initial payment for the license isRs.5,000/- after that every year have to renewal the license
What will be the theater rent for 1 week?

Rent of the theatre depends on Movie and its Demand in the audience.  In general the rent of the theater will cost around Rs.1,00000/- to 1.5 lakh per week.

Does this theater is under lease with any distributer?

We give the theater on rent but not on lease. Many people approach us with a lease proposal but we are not interested to give the theatre on lease.

In how many years you will change screen?

Our theatre screen size is 120X55 feet. A theatre screen can be used only up to 5-6 years. In between these 5-6 years we need to wash the screen every year and have to do silver painting to keep the screen working In between 2 -3 years.  After 6 years we change the screen.  we order a new screen which is available only in Mumbai in shops called “Amar Plastics”. This all work will be done in the night time after the second show by our workers and the screen will be ready by the morning show time.

Which technology projectors are you using?

At present Projectors  are not having much use in theatres. We are using the UFO Cube Movie projector for showing movie in the theatre. The distributor will pay the amount to the Satellite Company and they will give us specific timings of the show at that time we have to keep the equipments ready from theatre side. As per the schedule they will telecast the movie.

To maintain theater can you give the numbers of maintenance team?

We have 25 workers in the theatre which includes Electrician, booking clerk, seat maintenance, gate keeper etc. the parking and canteen are maintained by outside contractors. They handle the canteen and parking and pays rent for that to theatre.

Is it difficult to get Labor?

It’s getting really difficult to find labors outside. That’s why we kept everyone as permanent labor. As per the labor Act, They are allotted with Regular Salary, P.F, and Bonus. So because of which we don’t have any kind of labor problem in our theatre.

What kind of measures you take to stop piracy from theater end?

Well I don’t want to comment on Piracy because it’s a Universal Problem. It’s a rumor that the piracy is generated from Theaters but I don’t agree the statement. Before release of a movie we are able to get piracy which means it is created somewhere in labs or elsewhere. So blaming theatres is not right. We take all the necessary steps required to stop piracy at our theater.

Do you think that black ticket market would affect movie business 

Black Market is not that much in our theatre. When a movie releases the First week you can observe black marketing in every theatre because it’s a collection day so some people from staff perform Black marketing without any knowledge to the authorities. But as per my knowledge in our theatre there is no black marketing problem.

As I said earlier the present situation of industry is worse. So keeping that in mind we didn’t opt for any kind of online ticket booking. We have the option of Tele booking.

Do you have any subsidiary allotment from Electrical Board?

We don’t have any subsidiary as such from Electrical board, we are also treated under commercial zone. Every month we are paying electrical rent up to Rs.50,000/-.

On what basis you run the movie in the theater?

Once a show commences we have to run the show. We will be doing collection analysis within 3 to 4 days or by week and if the movie is not doing well we will immediately report the same to distributor and after a positive discussion with him will change the movie.

Does multiplexes are affecting you in any way?

Multiplex is for the people who have enough money to spend for the entertainment. A middle class person can’t afford the multiplex tickets. This people can’t go and watch movies in multiplex because the difference in the ticket rate compared to our rate is really high.  So we don’t have any kind of problem with multiplexes. They are doing their business and we are doing ours.