AarambamAata Arambam Movie Audio Launch Details

9:38 :- Hero Rana told that this movie is like Ramayana and Ajith is like Rama, Arya is like Lakshman and he is like Hanuman in the movie. He thanked all his fans.
9:37 :- Hero Arya thanked everyone who attended  the function and thanked A M Ratnam and Srinubabu for giving  him this opportunity.
9:35 :- A M Ratnam thanked all the heroes of the movie and thanked everyone who graced the occasion.
9:34 :- Director thanked the producer and his friend Rana and thanked everyone who attended the event.
9:32 :- Producer G Srinubabu told that he is grateful to A M Ratnam to give the opportunity to release the Telugu version of this movie.
9:30 :- The audio CD’s is released by director of the movie Vishnuvardhan and the first CD is received by director Srikanth Addala.
9:25 :- All the celebrities present and the crew of the movie are invited on to the stage for the audio launch.
9:20 :-Harerama Harekrishna song is performed by Satya dance troupe.
9:15 :-An A V on Hero Ajith is presented.
9:10 :-The trailer of the movie is launched by Arya and Rana.
9:07 :- Fifth song ‘Harerama Harekrishna..’ is launched.
9:06 :- To launch the last and fifth song director Sagar, Kalyan and Praveen for Omics group were invited on to the stage.
9:05 :- This audio launch was presented by Homeotrends.
9:00 :-Audio Visual on Hero Rana was presented.
8:55 :- Fourth song was launched by Veerabadram Chowdary, Raghuram and Srilatha. ‘Stylish thingarabuchhi..’song is launched.
8:53 :-An A V on the music director Yuvan Shankar raja is presented.
8:49:- The title song of the movie ‘Aata Aarambham..’ was presented on the stage by dance troop.
8:40 :- Some famous songs were sung on the stage.
8:38 :- Third song ‘Aata Aarambam..’ is launched by B V S N Prasad.
8:37 :- To launch the third song A.M.Ratnam and B V S N Prasad were invited on to the stage.
8:28 :- An A V about heroine Nayanatara was presented.
8:26 :-To launch the second song Samudra and Shoba of SVR Media are invited on to the stage and the song ‘Na fuseye poye..’ was launched.
8:15 :- A medley of songs from Hero Ajit’s movies were presented by Sathya and dance troupe.
8:12:- Srikanth Addala and Ramesh have wished the team all the best.
8:10 :- The first song ‘Neelala Ningi..’ was launched by Srikanth Addala and Ramesh, G.Anil ( Omics group senior Manager).
8:05 :- An A V about Omics Creations banner is being presented.
7:50 :- A chinese Dragon dance show is presented for the audience.
7:45 :- Arya, Rana have graced the function.
7:40 :- Aata Arambham audio launch has started anchor Jhansi is presenting the event.