Attharintiki Daredi Success meet Live Feed

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Attharintiki Daredi Success meet Live Feed
Attharintiki Daredi Success meet Live Feed

7:30 P.M:– The Programe just started and Suma Is Anchoring the show. She welcomed each and every  fan  of Pawan Kalyan who have attended the success meet. The anchor is looking very pretty in a green and red chudidaar.

7:40 P.M:– Lakshmi Vaishnavi perfomed  dance.

7:45 P.M:- The “Kiraku  Puttinchave”song  is being preformed on the stage with some dancers.

7:50 P.M:- Ali, the producer B.V.S.N.Prasad, Raghu Babu are present at the meet along with many invitees.

7:56 P.M:- Some fans are speaking about Power Star Pawan Kalyan. They are praising Pawan Kalayan and every body is very excited.

7:58 P.M.:- Rao Ramesh has been invited by Suma on to the stage. Rao Ramesh said that  he interacts with the people and  he thanked each and everyone  of the movie unit. He said that this movie is like a medicine.

7:59 P.M:- The Indian Idol Sri Ramchandara has been invited on to the stage to sing the song “Veedu Aaradugula Bullettu”. Some dancers are even performing dance on the stage.

8:00 P.M:– Ali, Raghu Babu, Kota Srinivasa Rao, B.V.S.N.Prasad, Bramhaji are  present.

8:05 P.M:– Suma said that Pawan Kalyan is equal to Pawan Kalyan fans.

8:06 P.M:- An  A.V.   on the anti piracy messages through social media (face book, twitters) is being presented.

8:08 P.M:– Raghu Babu has been invited on to the stage . He said that  the starting of the Power Star stamina is known to us and the ending is known only to his fans. He thanked each and  every fan of Pawan Kalyan . He said that  this success meet is to thank all his fans for fighting against piracy and making the movie a success.

8:15 P.M:- Suma said that the producer  B.V.S.N.Prasad is not at all worried because of the weapons he has and the main weapon is Power star and the other strong pen gun in Trivikram Srinivas.

8:18 P.M:– Kota Srinivasa Rao has been invited on the stage.He said that he is very lucky to act in such a great movie.  He said that  three persons responsible for this hit are the director Trivikram Srinivas , Pawan Kalyan and B.V.S.N. Prasad. He said that Pawan Kalyan is a great actor and also that he speaks less . He said that the reason for the success is the producer B.V.S.N.Prasad .

8:25 P.M:– M.S.Narayan, the second heroine of the movie Praneetha, Nadiya,Boman Irani are also present. Praneetha is looking gorgeous in a pink Ghagra Choli.

8:28 P.M:- Sathya  and troupe are performing the song ” Ninnu Choodagane” which is written, sung and composed by Devi Sri Prasad.

8:30 P.M:- Just now Power Star Pawan Kalyan and the director Trivikram Srinivas together have arrived at the event.Pawan Kalyan is looking smart in blue jeans and blazer. The song “Katama Rayuda” sung by Power Star has been performed.

8:35 P.M:– Suma welcomed the Power Star and Trivikram Srinivas to the event.The second heroine Praneetha has been invited on to the stage. Praneetha thanked Power star, Trivikram and the producer B.V.S.N.Prasad. She also thanked the fans who made this movie a great success. She thanked each and everyone who acted in this movie. Shebashit Sarkar of Reliance Entertainment has been invited onto the stage. He thanked each and everyone for making the movie a great success.

8.40 PM.:- M S Narayana has been invited on to the stage.He thanked every one for making the movie a big hit.

8:42 P.M :- Ammo Bapugari Bommo…song rendered on stage by Sriram Chandra.

8:45 P.M:- Sriram Chandra addressed Pawan Kalyan stating that he is a good fan . Though he has not done any playback for the movie he has readily accepted to present the songs on the stage as a fan of Pawan.

8:49 P.M:-  Nadiya has  been invited on to the stage to talk about the movie. She thanked everyone for making the movie a success. She expressed that it was indeed a joy acting in the movie and praised Pawan Kalyan about his humility and dedication.

8:53 P.M:- Prasad Potluri has been invited to talk about the movie and he said that the movie reminds him the old classics  ‘Missamma’ and ‘Gundamma Katha’ and it is a clean entertainer,he praised Trivikram to take the Telugu film industry to the Golden era.

8:58 P.M:-  Dr.Ali has been  invited and he said that this movie proved how fans made the movie a success and broke the piracy . He even praised Nadiya for her acting which reminded him of his ‘Attha’.

9:02 P.M:– Bomman Irani has been invited to speak about the movie. He tells that he was impressed with Trivikram after speaking with him for two minutes over phone and accepted the movie and also said that  Pawan Kalyan is very humble in spite of being a Power Star and even praised producer B.V.S.N Prasad and it was a fulfilling experience working in this movie. He also said that He debuted In Bollywood at the age of 44 years and after ten years he debuted at the age of 54 years in Tollywood. He thanked every one to make him a part of this beautiful movie.

9:20 P.M:-An A.V. is being screened on the making of this movie. Pawan Kalyan is a real and real life hero. Some Scenes of this movie are also been screened.

9:25 P.M:- The director Trivikram Srinivasa has been invited by Suma on to the stage and also the Power Star has been invited. The producer B.V.S.N.Prasad has been invited on to the stage to present the bouquet to both the celebrities. The fans  started cheering at Power Star. Trivikram thanked each and everyone who worked with  him in the movie. He thanked Power Star Pawan Kalyan whole heartedly  for making this movie a great success. He also thanked the cyber police for taking prompt action against piracy.  He also thanked all those who fought against piracy. Power Star said that  he doesn’t know in how many movies he acted and  he never attended any success meet and this is the first time he attended. I am never over whelmed with the success and never worried about the failures.  He said that he was busy with the pre -production work of the movie “Gabbar Singh 2” . There he was shocked when he was informed about the release of this movie in the net. He immediately rushed to Hyderabad. We all know that the movie has come up very well but the piracy was a shock. He addressed to the fans saying that his fans support is his power and this is next to his parents. He thanked the  complete cyber team for taking a serious action against the persons who are responsible for the piracy.  He thanked Boman Irani for coming all the way from Mumbai to act in this movie. He said that Mr.Boman Irani has done a wonderful job in this movie. He also thanked Nadiya for acting in this movie. He also thanked Ali for acting in this movie. He said that Mr.M.S.Narayana used to prepare stories for Mega Star Chiranjeevi and all his stores were been rejected . After that he has become an actor. He also thanked Mr. Kota Srinivasa Rao. He also praised the beautiful actress Samantha  for her dedication towards her work. All forgot about the Dilsukhnagar bomb blasts but Samantha still remembers it and she has donated artificial parts(limbs) to the injured . He also said that she is a kind hearted  woman. Power Star told that he wanted to live as a farmer with half an acre  of agricultural land  but he has become an actor.

9:49 P.M:-  Pawan Kalyan said that Trivikram is his friend and he is happy to work in such a film which gave him satisfaction as it is a message oriented and is based on family values.He also said that what happened was not piracy but it is a conspiracy. He told that he always want everyone to be in win win situation.

10:01 P.M:- He told that he is strong enough to face such things and thanked fans for supporting him. He also told that ‘Dhairyam’ is his weapon and with that he can handle anything. He also said that he wanted his fans to repeat ‘Jaihind’ along with him.

10:04 P.M:- Then Trivikram handed over shield to anti-piracy team who helped them in stopping the piracy. Swapnesh and Rajesh from Maa TV, A.Rajkumar from  AVBC, CI of Machilpatnam Ramulu and many more were awarded shields who helped in stopping piracy.

with this the the thanks giving event ended.