Bhupal Raju

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Bhupal Raju

Bhupal Raju, an actor by profession, made his debut with the movie “Toliparchayam” in Tollywood. He is currently working for his upcoming movie “Pilla Zamindar”.

Here our conversation begins.

Let us know about you?

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I did my schooling from Nalanda School, Hyderabad. I completed my intermediate from Venkateshwara Educational Academy. As I was interested in acting, in 2001 went to Bombay and joined “Asha k Chandra Acting & training institute” and done the course.

Who helped you to get into industry?

One of my friends Dad helped me out for the film. His name is Subaraju, Nephew of Ram GopalVarma. My first movie was “Toliparchayam” as a lead role. After that I acted in movies like “Eedu-Jodu” and “Todamalay” (Tamil) as supporting. After a long break I have done a good character in “Betting Bangarraju” with Allari Naresh. I have also done movie with Tanish in “Mounaragam” as negative. And with Varun Sandesh that’s also a negative in “Emaindi Eevella”. Recently I worked with Prabhas in “Mr. Perfect” as Friend character.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

Right now my next flick is “Pilla Zamindar”, it is with Nani. I am also doing movie with Rajendra Prasad Garu titled “Subbaro Master”. And probably I may do in “Gabbar Singh” as heroine’s brother.

What’s your daily routine?

If I don’t have shooting schedule, I wake up at 7:30 am. I watch movies, if not I hang out with my friends. If some movie meet or discussions are there I always attend them with a keen interest. If any of my friends is on movie shoot I go and learn technical things apart from acting.

Do you have a visionary role you wanted to act, ever?

It’s just the way you do it, as it comes on your way. I have done as a comedian, hero, negative, supporting lead. It’s nothing as I like to do only lead roles. If the character is worthy, I am ready to do even a bit scene

How was your demand after the success of “Betting Bangararaju”?

They were happy with my work that’s why I got opportunity in “Subbarao Master”. It is being produced by the same co-producers of “Betting Bangarraju”. After seeing my movie they have given me one more chance. The shoot for the movie will start from August 26th. Even I got good name from “Mr. Perfect” for my supporting role. Probably, through “Pilla Zamindar” I may get into comedy. For this movie all the dubbing work is finished and I am really happy with the work I was given.

Do you have your Role model?

I am very much inspired by Venkatesh Garu, he is my idol. Because of this inspired living, I tried to get into the industry. I meet him and we even go for gym daily. As everyone calls me “Bhupal”, he is the only one who calls me “Akshay”.

Does he give any suggestions to you?

Whenever we meet in Gym we basically talk about movies. He suggests me “to do a particular muscle work out in such a way that it boosts up the attitude”.

He also tells me that “If you’re doing dance rehearsals concentrate on just one movement at a time and give your best, so that you can hit the floor and make miracles.”

He even suggested me to concentrate more on scripts and advices me to read the scripts at a peaceful place if possible.

You have worked in both Tamil and Telugu movies, how you differentiate both?

I can’t talk about Tamil movies much because I have done only one movie in Tamil. They really work hard; I don’t say Tollywood people don’t work. But Working in Tamil movie is different thing. Here you will get entertainment with co-stars while shooting, but in Tamil you don’t get it. They don’t talk with any one till the work completes. They concentrate more on the work and they have very good technical value.Personally, I enjoy working in Tollywood.

What’s your ambition?

I just want to be a good actor. I want people to appreciate my work that’s all.

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