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Super Star Mahesh Babu’s recent blockbuster Businessman is running successfully all over. The makers of the movie decided to make the platinum disc function after the first week of the release. So, the Hexa Platinum disc function is held in Hyderabad on 23rd January. Big heads like Krishna, Dasari Narayana Rao, S V Krishna Reddy, Sri Bhogavalli Prasad, Aadi Seshagiri Rao, Ram Gopal Varma, Suresh Reddy, Achi Reddy, Kajal Agarwal, Dookudu producers Gopi and Ram Achanta, Music director Thaman, Producer Ganesh, Dynamic director Puri Jagannath, Lyricist Bhaskarabatla Ravi Kumar, Actor Sanjay, Bharath, Fight master Vijay and project designer Chinna attended this event.

Anchor Jhansi hosted the event. SV Krishna Reddy praised RR Venkat and his team’s planning and said “This podium looks like a sensational hit podium with all the great dignitaries. Mahesh Babu is achieving a wonderful level which is unparalleled. In every phase of movie making whether it may be photography, Music or fights, every department was enhanced by presence of Mahesh Babu. RR Venkat has done an excellent job in executing their plans to perfect.

Aadi Seshagiri Rao said “110 theaters 536 shows on first day in the twin cities. Mahesh Babu promised that he would release his next movie in the next four months during Dookudu release, which is a fantastic achievement, making a quality film in 75 days. He has fulfilled a role of villain-hero and a comedian in this movie. Technical unit and Administrative unit did a great job. Hero acted 64 days and 80,000 ft exposure was wonderful. I wish Mahesh Babu all the best.

Dasari Narayana Rao said “I like Super Star Krishna garu and in the same way, Ram Gopal Varma worked with me. In the month of January, real festival is the reel festival of Businessman. Industry is like an isolated island or a desert and in these times to prove the Telugu Movie stamina on 3 different occasions was possible by Mahesh babu. The span of Hollywood and other regional languages to touch 100 crores is unheard of. This was only made possible by Mahesh. I’m very proud that director Puri Jagannath has reached a level where the audiences applaud when his name appears on the screen. I’m really happy for him. Now a days people who aren’t real directors are directing films. In this time Puri has done wonders. In real time, a movie needs only 40-45 days. Mosagallaku Mosagadu was made in 28 days, Sardar Paparayudu in 28 days, Ramesh Babu’s movie was made in 10 days. The quality always matters but nit the quantity in terms of dates. Being unorthodox, is Puri and Ram Gopal Varma’s concept which I accept is correct. The character does not compromise anywhere. I have directed almost all the heroes in South and North India and we can understand whether they are being natural or not. Mahesh Babu has maintained a natural look throughout the movie. The performance was very real. This movie has the same natural look like one Zanjeer. After this to create a character for Mahesh Babu is very difficult. To repeat a big hit after Dookudu is unheard of. I think this is really great. What I like the most about Mahesh Babu is that he has utmost respect and belief among directors. I hope this combo is a record combo. Kajal Agarwal was not an actor initially and I think she has picked and performed wonderfully well. Thaman is a Telugu guy, who is the grandson of Ghantasala Balaramaiah. He has given big hits continuously. I congratulate RR Venkat for his daring nature to produce a film like this.

Super Star Krishna said “My hearty welcme to Dasari garu and other guests. When I saw Pokiri I was very excited in Puri Jagannath’s dialogues coming out Mahesh Babu was thrilling an after the screening I told him 40 crores and Dookudu 80 crores were my prediction. Mahesh Babu is the only chap who can do justice to Puri’s dialogues to sustain that type of crispiness in this movie is commendable. Puri and Mahesh combo is a wonderful combo. I hope they give more hits. Thank you.

First shield was handed over to Thaman by Dasari Narayana Rao and Krishna. Next shield was given to Bhaskarabatla Ravi Kumar and then to Puri Jagannath. Ram Gopal Varma gave the shield away to Kajal Agarwal. Krishna handed over the shield to Mahesh Babu. Overseas first week in USA collected 1 Million from 137 screens and other parts of abroad like South Africa and Germany collected 2 crores. Ram Gopal Varma handed over the shields to Costumes Raju, Make up Pattabhi, Stills Sai, Writer Kalyan, Co director Vijay Ram Prasad, Production Veeru Ramu and Ravi team, RR Movie Makers Achi Raddy and Suresh Reddy. Hari Kumar, Dts Krishna, Prime Focus Edotor Shekhar, Pixelloid Yugandhar, Fight Master Vijay, Pro BA Raju. Cinematographer Shyam K Naidu, Artist Bharath Reddy, Sanjay, Ganesh, Yadagiri and Bubby.

Dil Raju speaking “Good Evening, I was praying from the beginning for the success of this movie. Hari a distributor saw this movie and the way he narrated I told him that on 100% visual impact, this movie would be a hit. Puri’s magic was weaved.

Achi Reddy “Initial thought for the movie was given by Ram Gopal Varma to Puri Jagannath. Mahesh and Puri combo was really appreciated and RR Venkat was super excited to produce it. Venkat after his first meeting with Puri said this movie should be released with 2000 prints. Music director Thaman is unsung hero apart from Puri, Mahesh and RR Venkat. I thank him and thank everyone up on the success of this movie for our banner.”

Dayanad said “Adithya Music is honored to perform audio through US for the movies Pokiri , Dookudu and Businessman.”

Ram Gopal Varma speaking on this occasion said “Idea concept being materialized by Puri is wonderful. 100% credit goes to him. Puri was clear about his vision of 74 days. The only thing I want to say, Mahesh is an unparalleled actor in India. Mahesh is very real and focused. Lastly, Businessman 2 story was told by me to Jagan and after that movie, people will say Businessman 2 is a bigger hit and Businessman 1 will fall pale in comparision.”


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