Dharmakshetra and Dharmaraksha

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Dharmakshetra and Dharmaraksha, twin brothers from Rayalseema( Kurnool ) worked as associate director in many films.

Here the conversation begans:

Tell us about yourself?
We used to study magazines like Chandamama, Bommarillu, Balamithra and other mythological books. It inspired us a lot. My sister Praveena Reddy is also a writer. She used to write stories for Balajyothi & All India radio. Many people used to praise my sister for her incredible work. Meanwhile our Sister directed a short film naming “Prema vijayam” & this diverted both of our minds towards films completely.

After completion of my intermediate I (Dharmakshetra) came to Hyderabad and completed my graduation here. Later “Dharma Raksha” my younger brother came for his further studies.

After academics we decided to work under directors & writers to get more knowledge and experience about the field. We worked under many famous personalities, Production Houses and writers like Diwakar babu, Paruchuri Bros, Deen Raj ; Directors Kodi Ramakrishna, Vijaya Baapineedu,Ajay Kumar, Shobhan(late),Prabhu Deva, V.N.Aditya, MS.Raju.etc ; Production Houses like Sumanth art productions( M S Raju ) , Kamakshi movies , Shyam Prasad Arts,Sri lakshmi Venkateswara Pictures and Anjana productions.

What kind of movies we can expect from you in future?
Well, we are much concentrate to movies having a realistic backdrop based on incidents, which may inspire and accepted by the people so we look forward to work more on them.

Did you learn any course in direction?
Yes but distantly, We came to industry as assistant writers and worked with famed writers Diwakar babu, Paruchuri Bros, Deen Raj and learned many important things like contemporary Concept ,Screen play and literary composition. Likewise it was a step by step growth.While doing as assistant Directors We use to collect materials from ‘RAY’ institute and ‘Universal Studios’ and use to learn from them.WE are having very keen vision of world movie.

What you want to suggest to youngsters who are looking to become director?
To direct a movie, “Having a real understanding of history, literature, science and psychology is very important to being able to make movies.” Directing movies involves, writing, dealing with people, research, history, and many disciplines, that’s why understanding these discipline is important. Liking what you do is important in all types of work. Passion for the craft fuels excellence.”The directing of a picture means coming out of your individual loneliness and taking part in putting together a small world. A picture is made, you put a frame around it and move on.”

Is small budget movies are more profitable than big budget?
Yes. There is no question this is an ingenious idea and a compelling challenge. What’s a millions of to a big-budget picture studio? It’s nothing, and if this concept fails, nobody will even need to bat an eyelash. The question, then, is how can it fail? Was the original success really a product of the people wanting to see a low-budget film, or was it the result of brilliant marketing and timely word-of-mouth for a film the people just flat out enjoyed? More often than not big budget movies seem to work – at least at the box office – whether the script is good or not. Yes, there are movies that don’t make money, Low-budget movies do not have that latitude. You can’t rely on special effects because you can’t afford them. The movie lives or dies by the story, the characters, the acting, and the execution. But it all starts with the story.what is selling for low-budget movies to audiences right now is the concept There you do need a “much richer idea on paper about what [the movie] will look like. But the movie is hugely dependent upon the quality of the writing and the story as crafted . . . even “This gives new comers a chance to prove themselves, and industry will also get new talents. Not only artists but also new technicians will get benefited. “Film making exists now in its revenue void. To do these high style films now it costs so much to make them and we are not comfortable spending a lot of money on a movie anymore”.

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