Director Bapu birthday todayDirector Bapu birthday today

Satthiraju Lakshminarayana (Bapu) born on 15.12.1933 at Narasapur town in West Godavari district of A P.Bapu is a Law graduate from Madras University.

He started his professional career as a political cartoonist.

Bapu is a great artist. He has designed several front page art for many novels.

Mullapudi Venkata Ramana was the best friend of Bapu.To be precise, if Mullapudi is a pen, Bapu is a brush.

Later Mullapudi with pen and Bapu with megaphone did wonders in Telugu cinema. For almost all the Bapu directed movies,Mullapudi Venkataramana  was with him throughout.

Mullapudi has provided script and dialouges for Bapus’ latest film Ramarajyam.Unfotunately mullapudi could not survive till the completion of the film Ramarajyam.

Bapu’s first film as director is Sakshi.It was a masterpiece.He extracted best action from actor G Krishna in this film. The climax scene in the movie was excellent. Sakshi may be termed as the first Telugu film shot entirely in outdoors. In the opinion of this writer Sakshi is a must see movie.

S V Ranga Rao is a natural actor. Under the direction of Bapu, S V Ranga Rao in the role of Ravana in the film Sampoorna Ramayanam projected Ravana character with ease.

In his film Muthyala Muggu (a social movie), Bapu introduced the Mythological character of Anjaneya (Maruthi) as a protector of Heroines children and also as a link in uniting the separated wife and husband. This movie was a box-office hit. Actress Sangeetha was introduced as Heroine through this film.

Bapu as an artist imagines the Characters and accordingly selects actors, especially heroines.

K V Mahadevan provided music for most of the films directed by Bapu.

In his film Sneham (remake of Hindi hit Dosthi) Bapu introduced Rajendra Prasad and Sai Kumar to Tollywood.

The short list of Bapu directed films:-

  1. Sakshi(1967)
  2. Bangarupicchuka(1968)
  3. Buddhimanthudu(1969)
  4. Balaraju katha(1970)
  5. Inti Gowravam(1970)
  6. Sampoorna Ramayanam(1971 – Sobanbabu as Rama)
  7. Andalaramudu(1973)
  8. Muthyala muggu(1975)
  9. Seetha kalyanam(1976 – Ravi as Rama))
  10. Bhaktha Kannappa(1976)
  11. Sneham(1977 – Remake of Hindi silver jubilee hit”Dosthi”)
  12. Manavoori Pandavulu(1978)
  13. Gorantha Deepam(1978)
  14. Toorupu velle railu(1979–Nuthan Prasad as Satan)
  15. Vamsavruksham(1980)
  16. Rajadhiraju(1980)
  17. Kaliyuga Ravanasarudu(1980)
  18. Thyagayya(1981 – J V Somayajulu in title role)
  19. Radhakalyanam(1981)
  20. Krishnavatharam(1982)
  21. Pelleedupillalu(1982)
  22. Yedi nyayam yedi dharmam(1982)
  23. Manthrigari Viyyankudu(1983)
  24. Seethammapelli(1984)
  25. Bullet(1985)
  26. Jakie(1985)
  27. Kalyanathamboolam(1986)
  28. Pellipusthakam(1991)
  29. Mr.Pellam(1993)
  30. Sreenadha kavi sarvabhaumudu(1993)
  31. Pellikoduku(1994)
  32. Rambantu(1996)
  33. Radhagopalam(2005)
  34. Sundarakanda(2008)
  35. Sri Ramarajyam(2011 – Nandamuri Balakrishna as Rama)

Mullapudi Venkata Ramana With his pen and Bapu with his Brush created Telugu Cartoon Characters like Budugu,Dumbu,,Sri Gana Pesoonamba.

Mullapudi Has provided story ,script,Screenplay and dialogues for all the Telugu movies directed by Bapu.

Bapu was honored with Raghupathi Venkkaiah Award in the year 1986 which he has shared with his best friend and associate Mullapudi Venkata Ramana.

Bapu was honored with Padmasri by Government of India in the year 2013

National Film Award (1975) for the movie Muthyala Muggu as best feature film in Telugu.

National Film Award (1993) for the movie Mister Pellam as best feature film in Telugu.

Bapu directed movies, Balaraju Katha(1971),Andala Ramudu(1973),Muthyala Muggu(1975),Pelli Pusthakam(1991),Sri Rama Rajyam(2011) got Nandi Awards as best movies of respective years shown in brackets.

Film fare award (south – 1976) as best director for the movie  Seetha Kalyanam  

Film fare award (South  – 1980) as best director for the movie Vamsa Vruksham

Film fare award (South – 1993) as best director for the movie Mister Pellam

Bapu received Film fare Life-time achievement award(South – 2013) for his contributions to Telugu film industry.

Sri Ramarajyam is the only movie directed by Bapu without the company of Mullapudi Venkata Ramana.

Actress chandrakala was seetha in Bapu’s Sampoorna Ramayanam,  Actress Jayaprada was seetha in Seetha Kalyanam directed by Bapu.Bapu has selected Actress Nayanathara for the role of Seetha in Sri Ramarajyam.Nayanathara did justice to seetha’s role, thanks to the great director Bapu.

Bapu originaly an artist with brush imagined what type of sets he wanted and all that provided by producer Sai Baba and made the film Sri Rama Rajyam a masterpiece.

An artist, Cartoonist and a director are in Bapu.

Today is the 80th  birthday of this great Artist turned film director extends its birthday greetings to this great director of Telugu cinema.