Exclusive Interview with Taraka Rathna

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tarakExclusive Interview with Taraka Rathna

Nandamuri Taraka rathna made his debut with Okato Number Kurradu in Telugu.  After that, he did many movie like Yuvarathna, Bhadradri ramudu, Tarak, NO, Venkatadri. He played the role of antagonist in Amaravathi. He is recently getting ready to strike this year with his powerful Nandeeswarudu. Jagapati babu played a key role in this film.

This is an interview with NTR taken by media.

1) What is the genre of Nandeeswarudu?

By looking at the posters of Nandeeswarudu, don’t expect this movie to be a high end action entertainer. This movie is a Sentimental, Emotional family entertainer which includes action elements. This movie entertains all types of audience.

2) What is your character in this film?

I will appear as a student. It’s a character of son with a desire to fulfill his father’s dream. Why did a college student turn to such a powerful person? Should be seen on silver screen.

3) This movie is a Remake of Deadly Soma. What is the reason behind selecting a remake story?

This movie is an inspiration from the story of Kannada movie Deadly Soma.  But, there is no relationbetween both the movies. Director molded this story in such a way that, it will be totally of our culture.

4) How was your experience working with Jagapati Babu?

Jagapati Babu played the role of Police Officer in this movie. I’ve grown up watching his movies. So, initially I’ve stammered. I’ve learnt many things from him. Simplicity and Humbleness are the most important things for an actor, he said. I’ll never forget that experience.

5) Generally, Balakrishna’s movies will be released for Sankranthi. This time you’ve taken that responsibility?

Balakrishna is a Sankranthi hero. This time I’m happy that my movie is releasing for Sankranthi. This movie may not be a competition for other films, but it will be a success.

6) You said that you played a character of a student. What is the secret behind your moustache?

There is no secret behind this. Just tried to come up with a new look.

7) How was your Cine Journey right from Okato Number Kurradu to Nandeeswarudu?

It was really happy. There will be ups and downs. We need to consider the ups as encouragement and downs as lessons. So, we can succeed easily. Mistakes once done shouldn’t be repeated.

8 ) Initially there was a buzz that, Balakrishna would do a movie Nandeeswarudu. Did you take that title?

Yes. There were few plans for him to do a film with that title. We thought this title would suit this story. Immediately we went to him and asked for permission. He happily agreed.

9) Are you ready to play the antagonist again like in Amaravathi?

My role in Amaravathi was not an antagonist role. There are few positives in that role as well. If I like the character, I’m ready to play any role.

10) Why did you change your name to NTR?

There are no big reasons for that. I’ve changed it as per Numerology. I never had a desire to be named as NTR.

11) Whyat are your future plans?

Currently I’m doing a movie with Nandeeswarudu director Srinu. Remaining movies are still under discussions.