Film Directors Movie Mantra

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Film Directors Movie Mantra 1

Lights ! Camera ! Action all these three are the important elements in making of a film. The root of the movie is the mantra of the director which he visualizes to reach out the audience. This reach is all dependent on the attribution towards the ideas which generate in the minds. The angle which they present their cinemas for making a  ‘Better, Hit, Super Hit’ Movies.

In Tollywood the film directors keep update with history as well as the current new things that fascinate the audience with the time. The Mantra of Film is about giving a realistic, traditional form, splendid music and a strong story line with values and creativity. The film directors are eventually putting in strong efforts along with changing of time to stay connected with audience .

Great Film Directors like S.S Rajamouli who makes films uniquely  with High Visual effects .This master mind has created huge space in industry. Harish Shankar personifies his movies in a Different manner. His experiences have made him reached to his passion his mantra is about giving the right stroke to the film with his ideas. Puri Jaggannath is one of the profilic directors, He is an open book sharing his own thoughts purely proactive and has gained huge popularity through his own efforts. Srinu Vaitla has been creating merry go round comedy super hit films where as V.V Vinayak has been very factual and comedy in approach .These films makers have not given an end to their work but they have been revolutionizing it with their magical mantra ‘s .They are the face of tollywood and their movies have  likeable by the audience .

Film directors keep travelling to explore social issues and mantras in making films is all about relating to the Indian citizens .The current directors are giving out commands ,wonderful messages through their cinemas and also coping with the budgets of the film. Hence the Film Directors for this century are changing agents and adding up more to the Tollywood making movies memorable in minds of people .They are the Transformer kings of Tollywoods.