G Varalakshmi

Garikipati Varalakshmi was born on 13th of September 1926 at Ongole town in Andhra Pradesh.She had developed passion for acting at the young age of 11.She ran away from home to Vijayawada.she came to prominance with the stage plays Sakkubai and Rangoon Rowdy.She made her entry to Telugu cinema as an heroine in H M Reddy’s “Barrister Parvatheesam” in the year 1940.She acted as a heroine along with L V Prasad in the film Bondam Pelli directed by H M Reddy.
G Varalakshmi was the best for dignified female roles.In the films”Aasthulu-Anthasthulu”, “Lethamansulu” and “Bangaru Picchuka” she has performed the role of dignified/proud looking/arrogant mother/motherinlaw.
She has directed only one film “Moogajeevulu”released in 1968.
She married the popular producer/director/cinematographer K.S.Prakasa rao(Raghupathi Venkkaiah award reciepient)
List of few of G.Varalakshmi acted movies:-
1. Barrister Parvatheesam(1940)
2. Bondampelli(1940)
3. Dakshayagyam(1941)
4. Bhakthaprahlada(1942)
5. Drohi(1948)
6. Keelu gurram(1949)
7. Swapnasundai(1950)
8. Nirdhoshi(1951)
9. Pellichesi choodu(1952)
10. Gulebakavali(1955)
11. Dongallo Dora(1957)
12. Mangalyabalam(1958)
13. Iddaru mithrulu(1961)
14. Kulagothralu(1962)
15. Bheeshma(1962)
16. Anthasthulu(1965)
17. Sumangali(1965)
18. Aasthiparulu(1966)
19. Lethamanasulu(1966)
20. Babgaru Picchuka(1967)
21. Aasthulu anthasthulu(1968)
22. Moogajeevulu(1968)
23. Buddhimanthudu(1969)
24. Nindu hrudayalu(1969)
25. Goranthadeepam(1978)

In the initial stages of Telugu cinema G Varalakshmi was a popular glamorous heroine.
Later stages of her acting career she was a good female character actress.
She died after prolonged illness on 26th of November 2006 at Chennai. On the 87 birth anniversary of G Varalakshmi businessoftollywood.com remembers and salutes at this talented artist of Telugu cinema.