Heroine Kajal Aggarwal Interview

I have never done an emotional action movie like Satyabhama Queen of Masses Kajal Aggarwal

Star heroine Kajal Aggarwal has done many successful films with star heroes in her career spanning two decades. Apart from the South Indian industry, she has also acted in Hindi films and gained fame. Kajal, who has played diverse characters in 60 films and earned the audiences love as the Queen of Masses, is now embarking on a second innings in her career. She is set to appear as Satyabhama, a powerful police officer. Naveen Chandra plays the pivotal role of Amarender in this film, produced by Bobby Tikka and Srinivas Rao Takkalapelly under the Aurum Arts banner. The Major film director, Sashi Kiran Tikka, serves as the presenter and has also provided the screenplay. The crime thriller is directed by Suman Chikkala. Satyabhama is set for a grand theatrical release on the 7th of this month. In today’s interview, Kajal Aggarwal discussed the highlights of the movie and her career.

The Satyabhama character can be related to my personal life. Like my character in this film, in real life, I also react when something happens in society. Even if I dont come out and hold rallies, Ill share my opinions and thoughts about the incident. It disturbs me. Like everyone else, I have personal opinions about what goes on in society.

I have done many characters so far, but this is the first time I have done an emotional action movie like Satyabhama. I also did the action sequences in it. While acting in this film, I felt emotions I had never felt before. They all seem realistic to you.

I was called the Chandamama of Tollywood for a long time. Now I will be happy to be called Satyabhama. Chandamama is a beautiful name, and Satyabhama is a powerful name. I like both. When I heard this story, I instantly said OK. I loved the story so much.

Sashikiran is a good director. I have seen his movies. I asked Sashi why he is not directing this film. He said that he is providing the screenplay for this movie and is the presenter. We never want to work alone. Different jobs should be explored. I respect Sashis decision. He ensured that this project was successful in every way.

Director Suman Chikkala is directing for the first time, and he has worked with a lot of conviction. He has a lot of clarity. He made the script just as he envisioned. It was a pleasure to work with Suman Chikkala. Even though our producers are newbies, they treated their first movie like a baby. They were on the set every day and involved in all matters. The first film was produced very carefully. I had a great working experience with this team. Thats why I say Aurum Arts is my own banner.

Previously, I appeared in a police getup in the movie Jilla. But it was not a serious role. In Satyabhama, I am seen as a powerful police officer with emotion and action. Many heroines have played police roles in the past, but this is new to me. I performed in my style. I hope you like it.

Satyabhama addresses key points about youth, games, betting, and religion. But it does not say anything positive or negative about any religion. Thats just part of the story. There will be more twists and turns in the movie than what you have seen in the trailer. I want you to see all of them in the movie and give your response.

We worked hard for the action sequences in Satyabhama. All those fights are realistic. If I hit a hundred people like Ram Charan, the audience will not believe it. My image includes stunts that the audience likes. The action sequences were choreographed by Subbu.

Music director Sricharan Pakala has put his best efforts into Satyabhama. We both love rock music. We used to talk about those songs and music.

I dont understand why a heroines career should change after marriage. Everyone has a personal life, and so do heroines. In the past, after getting married, the opportunities for heroines were reduced. Now the trend has changed. After getting married, many heroines are busier doing films than before.

I am balancing my personal life with my career. It is a difficult task, but acting is a passion, so it is worth the effort. My familys support is crucial in this journey. Along with me in the South, Samantha and Raashi Khanna are my husbands favorite heroines.

I am excitedly waiting for the release of Bharateeyudu 2. There will be a role for me in Indian 3. I will be seen in a very new and different role in this film.

I want to earn a good reputation as an actress by doing various movies and working with new directors. Only then will the industry thrive. Newcomers should be supported in any field. I have currently signed two new films. Their details will be announced by the production companies soon.