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K Balachander

K Balachander, was born on 9th July 1930 at Thanjavoor in Tamil Nadu. He is a popular Tamil stage actor/director and Stage performer. He is one of the best among story writers, screenplay writers, directors and producers of South.

He can be termed as a strong pillar of Tamil cinema. He has also impressed the Telugu film goers, presenting many subject oriented Telugu Movies. He projects in deep, family and socio-economic problems and ends with best solutions. He made his entry into Telugu Cinema as a Story& Screenplay writer through the film Sukhaduhkkalu”(His Tamil Original Major Chandrakanth)

He is a science graduate from Annamalai University has been honored with 3 honorary doctorates from 3 different Tamil Universities, is really a best recognition for this great personality for his contribution to the Indian Cinema.

He got introduced to the Tamil Audiences through his stage plays-”Major Chandrakanth”, “Server Sunderam”, Neer Kumizhi (Water Ballon or neeti budaga),” Nanal” (shadow). Later on, all these plays were filmed by him and thrilled the cinema lovers.

Not only for the narration but he takes much interest for providing best music in his films.

As a director he stepped into the film world with the film “Neer Kumizhi”(Tamil) in the year 1965.That was a beginning for this great director.

He floated his own production house “Kavithalaya Productions” and produced about 58 films in tamil.

He made his entry as director in to Telugu films through “Bhalle Kodallu”(tamil original-Bhama Vijayam)

His list of Telugu Films:-

Bhale Kodallu

Sathekalapu Satthayya


Anthuleni Katha

Maro Charitra

Andamaina Anubhavam

Guppedu Manasu

Idi Katha kadu


Aadavallu meeku joharu

Tholikodi koosindi

47 Rojulu


Rudra Veena

His films as a story and screenplay writer in telugu are- Sukhaduhkhalu, Chiranjeevi, Sambarala Rambabu, Jeevitharangam, Thoorpu-Padamara.

Looking above one can feel the greatness of this memorable Director. Such kind of evergreen movies they are.

He has a credit of introducing some actors who got Worldwide Recognition.

1. Rajanikanth as Hero

2. A R Rehman as music director in his film “ROJA”

3. Nassar

4. Saritha as Heroine in telugu Maro Charithra

5. Vimala Raman.

His notable Dubbed Telugu versions are- SindhuBhairavi, Annamalai, Roja, Mutthu.

Interestingly Kamal Hasan has acted in about 35 films under his direction.

Actress Saritha has acted in about 22 films directed by K.Balachander.

The most entertaing films Bhamavijayam and Server Sunderam are, his creations.

He has been Awarded the most prestigious “Dada Saheb Phalke Award for the year 2010.

He was honored with “Padmasri” in the year 1987

He won the “Nargis Dutt Award”for Best National Integration for his film “Rudra Veena”

He has received the Film-fare Awards (south) as Best Director for his Telugu Films-

(1)    Marocharithra(1978)

(2)    Rudraveena(1988).

He has also bagged “Nandi Awards” as Best screenplay writer for the film ”Kokilamma”(1982)

As a Best Director For the Film “Tholikodi Koosindi” (1981)

A N R National Award for his contribution to the film industry for the year 2011

(ANR Award carries Rs.4 Lakhs in cash, Momento and a citation)

Today 9th July being his birthday Business of Tollywood Salutes this great Personality.