Keedaa Cola movie review

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Keedaa Cola is a Telugu film based on crime-comedy written and directed by Tharun Bhascker, and bankrolled by K.Vivek Sudhanshu, Saikrishna Gadwal, Srinivas Kaushik Nanduri, Sripad Nandiraj, and Upendra Varma under VG Sainma banner. It’s starring Chaitanya Rao, Rag Mayur, Brahmanandam, Tharun Bhascker, Jeevan Kumar, Vishnu Oi, Ravindra Vijay and Raghu Ram in lead roles. The music  was composed by Vivek Sagar, Cinematography by AJ Aaraon and edited by Upendra Varma.

keedaa cola movie review

Story –

Vaasthu(Chaitanya) suffers from a Tourette Syndrome. He lives with his grandfather Varadarajulu(Brahmanandam). To earn for his living, Vaasthu joins as a medical representative. He damages a patient simulator which was assigned to him. Court orders Vaasthu to pay his employer for the damage he did. One day, Vaasthu finds a cockroach in the Cola brought for his grandfather. Lancham(Rag Mayur) suggests filing a consumer case to earn crores. On the other hand, Jeevan, who gets insulted by corporator, wants to get money in any possible way to become corporator to take revenge. He takes his brother Naidu(Tharun Bhascker) help in his revenge mission. What happens when Vaasthu and his friend try to sue the company and How Jeevan and Naidu plan and tries to get the money. The rest of the film is about the conflict and how they’ve ended.

Analysis –

Keedaa cola is a whacky crime-comedy kind of film that combines elements of crime and comedy and often absurd way. In these kind of films, We find eccentric characters involved in criminal activities, but the situations are filled with humour.

Here, In Keedaa Cola, Tharun Bhascker succeded in bringing those comic situations in criminal activities. Movie starts with a pre-climax shot and Immediately, It takes us into the court scene where we get the introduction for the characters of Vaastu, Lancham and Varadaraju. The conversations involving Vaasthu and his grandfather are okay and also brings some giggle just because of the mannerisms of brahmanandam garu.

Following this scene, When both Vaasthu and Lancham  comes back to home after buying cola, There is a shot where we can see two lives are fighting for their freedom in a single frame. In those two lives, One is cockroach, which is trying hard to not get drowned in cola. Other one is Vaasthu, who is fighting to earn to make his living. It’s hard for him to find a job because of his disabilities.

The scene where Lancham gets kidnapped is also dope. It looks like it is inspired from western movies. There are few scenes which are also inspired and Tharun Bhascker himself revealed it in an interview. After the kidnap, we’ll get the introduction of Jeevan as a politician and Sikander(Vishnu Oi) as his assistant. Following this, we’ll get the introduction of jail-return Naidu(Tharun bhascker). With the entry of Naidu things will become more humorous and brings some josh.

Next, It’s time for Interval. Whaat..? Yes, It comes quickly and we stucks in introductions only. Except the main line, we won’t know anything about the movie in the entire first half. They aren’t many exciting scenes here only few are engaging. The introductions are bit dragged, We get introduced to the characters even in the latter part as well. But, A good thing is, Director has given equal screen space for each and every character. The role of Brahmanandam garu could’ve been better. It felt like he didn’t get enough screen space or dialogues to entertain us like in his old films.

Second half is more humorous and got a right mix with crime scenes. Post interval  scenes involving Getup Srinu, Raghu Ram(Shots), and Ravindra Vijay(CEO) brings some amount of giggles. Raghu Ram scenes with the men of muralitharan are well made and gives more chuckles. There are also few dialogues used from the previous films of Tharun Bhascker like “Taagudham.” Dialogues in this movie are also good and we’ll connect to most of them. Among all the funny scenes, we’ll connect to few, we’ll laugh at few and few jokes didn’t land well. The second half holds the key with engaging moments and crazy finale.

Highs –

Tharun, Jeevan and Vishnu’s characters

Background Score


English speaking sequences


Lows –

First Half

Brahmanandam garu is less utitlised

Bringing so many characters with disabilities and use of “slap” thing  just to bring laughs won’t work for all.

Technical Aspects –

The movie production values are grand. Aaron’s cinematography is good as it maintans high standards. Vivek Sagar music and background score are also of high quality. Music and Cinematography are the main pillars of the movie. Upendra varma editing is okay.

Verdict –

Overall, Keedaa Cola is a whacky crime-comedy which works in parts. Tharun Bhascker dominates as an actor with his performances more than a writer and director this time. It has it’s moments but not better than Tharun previous hits. Don’t go with expectations. It’s a good time pass film for this weekend. Go with your friends and enjoy the movie.

Movie Details:-
Movie Title : Keedaa Cola
Banner : V G Sainma
Release Date : 03-11-2023
Censor Rating : “U”
Cast : Thrun Bhaskar, Brahmanandam
Director : Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam
Music : Vivek Sagar
Cinematography : AJ Aaron
Editor : Upendra Varma
Producers : K Vivek Sudhanshu, Saikrishna Gadwal, Srinivas Kaushik Nanduri, Sripad Nandiraj, Upendra Varma
Runtime:-120 minutes