Kondavalasa Laxman Rao

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filmography, biography and birthadayKondavalasa Laxman Rao a popular Telugu Comedian of Telugu Cinema was born on 10th of August 1946 At Kharagpur in West Bengal. His father was a Railway employee. His family migrated to Visakhapatnam and settled there. He is a Post graduate in commerce. He worked in the accounts department of Visakhapatnam Port Trust. He acted in many stage place and was noticed by the director Vamsi. He got the breakthrough as a comedian in the film “Avvunu Valliddaru Ishtapaddaru” in the role “Puliraju”. He became very popular with the dialogues “Nenoppukonu” and “Ithe O.K”. in the film. He has also done diploma in Acting and Direction.

He has settled as a comedian with impressive action in Kabadi-Kabadi, Coolie, Nijam, Donga Ramudu & Party, Pelamtho Panenti, Sriramachandrulu, Evadigolavadidhi.

The list of Kondavalasa films:-

1. Avunu Valliddaru Istapaddaru(2002)

2. Evade Athagadu(2003)

3. Sriramachandrulu(2003)

4. Pellamtho Pannenti(2003)

5. Nenu Seethamahalakshmi(2003)

6. Inspector(2003)

7. Sathruvu(2004)

8. Extra(2004)

9. Jagapathi(2005)

10. Pandem(2005)

11. Dhairyam(2005)

12. Evadigolavadidi(2005)

13. Kanchanamala Cable T V(2006)

14. Jai Chiranjeeva(2006)

15. Chukkallo Chandrudu(2006)

16. Allare Allari(2007)

17. Atthilisatthibabu LKG(2007)

18. Bhookailas(2007)

19. Adivaram Aadavallaku Selavu(2007)

20. Andalaramudu(2007)

21. Kuberulu(2008)

22. One(2008)

23. Chedugudu(2008)

24. Gopi Gopika Godavari(2009)

25. Dheeantedhee(2009)

26. Malli Malli(2009)

27. Saradaga Kassepu(2010)

28. Katthi Kantharao(2010)

29. Aunty Uncle Nandagopal(2010)

In a very short Period he has become a popular comedian.

Today being his birth day Business of Tollywood.Com wishes This versatile actor A very Happy Birthday.