Laddu Babu Movie Trailer Review

Published On: January 11, 2014   |   Posted By:

Trailer Review: Laddu BabuLaddu Babu movie Trailer Review 

We already know that Laddu Babu is going to be one special movie when the first look with a super beefed up Allari Naresh came out and the fact the most offbeat director Tollywood’s ever had, Ravi Babu is directing the film. Now the trailer is out, and boy we can’t wait for the film after watching it. The very beginning of the trailer is hilarious with the super funny ‘Babu Rao’ from Radio Mirchi staring off the narration with a joke that is about elephants. And then comes Allari Naresh into the scene where he is introduced as the Laddu boy who is trying to find a girl for himself.

Then comes in the beautiful actress Poorna with whom Laddu Babu falls in love. Ravi Babu has once again cast Bhumika, one of his favourite actresses in the movie and she plays the role of the girl who loves Laddu Boy for what he is and doesn’t really care that he is fat. Ravi Babu, the maestro of telugu horror movies has tried his hand at horror flicks once again and just with the trailer he’s killed it. And we sure can’t wait for the movie to hit the screens..!