Live Feed of Ramayya Vasthavayya Audio Launch

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Live Feed of Ramayya Vasthavayya Audio Launch

7:40 :- Ramayya Vasthavayya Audio Launch event has just started, Anchor Jhansi has started the programme , She is wearing a beautiful bright yellow saree and is welcoming all the fans and celebrities.

Then she went to senior actor Kota Srinivasarao garu and is asking about his relationship with Harish Shankar and Dil Raju, he told that this is a good movie.

7:45:– Then Jhansi asked actor Rao Ramesh about his feeling about acting in this film, he told that it is a thrilling experience to act with Jr. NTR and he is eagerly waiting for the release and on request from Jhansi he told one dialogue from the movie “Pandalu Kattalante Gurrala Meeda kattu Simhala meeda kaadu”.

7:55:- Dil Raju is invited on to the stage during a comedy sequence between Suresh and Ramesh  to lift the ‘Gadha’.

7:50:- Then Jhansi invited her co-hosts for the event, then the ‘Navaratna Kachitha Gadha’ is revealed on the stage.

7:57:- Then Bellemkonda  Suresh is invited on to the stage.

7:58:- Jr NTR arrives

8:00:- First song is released by  ‘Kandireega’ Vasu and Bellamkonda Suresh. ‘Pandaga Chesko..’

8:10:-  The lyricist Seenu and the choreographer Bhanu  of the song “Pandaga Chesko”  have been invited on to the stage and they are thanking the director Harish Shankar.

8:11:- The actress Hamsa  Nandini has arrived.

8:12:- The director S.S.Rajamouli Is being seated next to the young tiger Jr.N.T.R.

8:14:- The anchors  Ramesh And Suresh are enganging the audience with their comedy.

8:15:- The director Koratala Shiva and Narayana  have been welcomed to release the second song “Jabilli Nuvve Chepamma”. This song is being penned by Ananth Sriram. The director Shiva Praised Harish Shankar.  Mr. Narayana has praised Jr.N.T.R.

8:20:- Dinesh is choreographer of this song and Anantha Sriram has penned the lyrics for this song.

8:21:– Then a small audio visual about the cast and crew is going on the screen..

8:22:- Dil Raju and Jr.Ntr are pairing up after ‘Brindavanam’ movie, Harish Shankar is directing this who has directed the sensational hit like ‘Gabbar Singh’ ,Samantha is pairing  with Jr NTR after ‘Brindavanam’ and Sruthi Hasan is paired ,who has worked under Harish shankar for ‘Gabbar Singh’ so this movie is going to be a great combination. This is the essence of the audio visual.

8:27:- Next after a small comedy track, The director Gopichand Malineni and  producer B V S N Prasad are  invited  on to the stage to  release the song.

8:28:- Then the third song ‘Nuvunaku Dhakkavae..’ is being  released.  Producer B V S N Prasad  has said that ‘Gadha’ can be lifted by only Nandamuri family .

 8:40:- The song is being penned by Bhaskarbatla and he has been invited on to the stage and also he sung this song.

8:43:– The director Vamsi Paidipally and the producer Boorugupalli Shiva Ramakrishna are being invited to launch the fourth song “Nenupudiana Anukunnana Reppa Moosi Kalagannana”. This song is being penned by Sahithi. Vamsi Paidipally is talking about the producer Dil Raju.  The cinematographer Chota.K.Naidu is also being praised by this director.

8:45:- Lyricist Sahiti is speaking about Jr Ntr that his memory is very good about lyrics . He has good musical sense and analysis. He also told that with Harish Shankar this is his third song and he has given ‘Kevvu Keka,,’ song in Gabbar Singh.

8:49:- Next an audio visual of all the scenes which Harish Shankar likes in Jr NTR movies is presented as ‘Naaku Nachina Young Tiger’.

8:50:- Ananth Sri Ram is invited on to the stage who has written ‘Jabilli Nuvve Cheppammaa…’ song in this movie. He thanked Harish Shankar and Dil Raju for giving this opportunity.

8:55:- Chota K Naidu and Rao Ramesh are invited on to the stage. Chota K Naidu said that this was his third film on this banner after ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ and ‘Brindavanam’ both were hits and with this film he is waiting for hat-trick. He also said that Dil Raju never compromises on songs pictorisation.

9:00:-  Director V V Vinayak and  the producer Danaiah are invited on to the stage to release the next song. Macha ravi blew whistle and the next song is  ‘Ontaraina Thuntarodu..’ is released.

9:12:- Next after a small comedy track.  Director S.S.Rajamouli and Ram are invited on to the stage to release next song. ‘Idi Ranarangam  Rana Chadarangam..’ . Sri Mani is the lyricist of this song.

9:20:- Next a small audio visual titled ‘Laughing Tiger’ with still of Jr NTR is presented.

9:25:- Music director Thaman is invited on to the stage. He spoke about director and hero and told that he is happy to be a part of the movie.

9:28:- Dil Raju, Sirish and Laxman are invited on to the stage. Dil Raju thanked all the cast and crew for their co-operation. Then director Harish Shankar is invited. He said that Jr NTR excelled in dances and in every scene in this movie.

9:40:- He thanked all the technicians who worked hard for this movie. He also thanked Jr NTR for his confidence in him. Thanked Dil Raju for giving full support and freedom.

9:47:- Theatrical trailer was released by Harish Shankar.

9:51:- Dil Raju, Harish Shankar, Sirish , Laxman, V V Vinayak, S S Rajamouli are invited on to the stage. Dil Raju said that trailer was very good and Harish is very passionate about movies.He also told that he liked all the songs. He told that Jr NTR is with the fresh look in this movie.

9:53:- The director V.V.Vinayak spoke about the hero, director and the producer of the movie.

9:55:- S.S.Rajamouli said that Dil Raju is a producer who believes in the story and Harish Shankar has shown Jr NTR as Young Tiger.

9:58;- The most awaited moment Jr NTR is invited on to the stage. He is looking  very handsome in a light blue shirt and dark blue pant. After getting on to the stage he lifted the ‘Gadha’ easily and fans were delighted.

10:00:- Aditya Music head is invited on to the stage, Hamsanandini, Kotasrinivasa Rao, Chota K Naidu, Goutham Raju , Rao Ramesh and all producers and directors who graced the event are invited on to the stage.

10:03:- Audio CD is released by V.V.Vinayak and the first CD is received by S.S.Rajamouli.

the CD’s is released under Aditya Music.

10:08:- Jr. N.T.R said that he improved himself through different directors he worked with. He thanked Harish Shankar to show him youthfully. He said that he had special relationship with Dil Raju,Sirish and Laxman and want to continue this beautiful relationship till end. Thaman worked with him in ‘Brindavanam’ and ‘Badshah’ which were hits and now he hopes  ‘Ramayya Vasthavayya’ will be a bigger hit. Chota K Naidu for guiding him and presenting him with fresh look in the movie and all the team members of the movie for being so lively throughout the shoot.

Last but not the least he thanked all the fans for their support and told the dialogue from the movie ‘Pandalu Gurrala Meeda Vesukovalira Simhala Meeda Kaadu’. with this audio event ended.