My Dear Donga Premiere on Aha on 19th April

My Dear Donga, the Ultimate Rom-Com, Set to Premiere on Aha on 19th April 

Aha, India’s premier local OTT platform, has sent waves of excitement through the entertainment world by announcing the release date for the eagerly awaited comedy film, “My Dear Donga.” Set to hit screens on April 19th, this uproarious film stars Abhinav Gomatam, Shalini Kondepudi, and Divya Sripada in lead roles. Produced by Aha and Cam Entertainment and written by Shalini Kondepudi with direction by B S Sarwagna Kumar, “My Dear Donga” promises a riotous romantic comedy packed with themes of self-discovery and empowerment.

The recent unveiling of the side-splitting teaser has ignited a frenzy among fans, providing an enticing glimpse into the uproarious world of “My Dear Donga.” Audiences revealed in Abhinav Gomatam’s character’s hilarious antics, eliciting sheer delight. Further enhancing the comic charm, Shalini Kondepudi’s character affectionately labels him “donga,” paving the way for a comedic exchange that has fans eagerly anticipating the film’s release. The recently conducted private screening received an overwhelming response, further heightening anticipation for the upcoming release.

My Dear Donga” is poised to deliver the ultimate laughter therapy, with Abhinav Gomatam and Shalini Kondepudi bringing their A-game to the comedy scene. As anticipation mounts, fans can expect a rollercoaster ride of laughter and entertainment. Don’t Miss My Dear Donga on 19th April.