Newsense Web Series Streaming On Aha From 12 th May

aha’s Latest Web Series Newsense Puts a Spotlight on the Dark Side of the Media Industry

Season 1 to premiere on May 12th features Navdeep and Bindhu Madhavi in the lead roles –

Hyderabad, 6th May aha, the trailblazing 100% local streaming platform renowned for its inventive and relatable content, has just dropped the trailer for its newest web series Newsense season 1. The much-anticipated press conference, held at the RK Cineplex, was graced by Navdeep, Bindhu Madhavi, Director Sri Prawin, and Producer Vivek from People Media Factory along with the distinguished members of the media.

Newsense, set to premiere exclusively on aha on May 12, is a riveting exploration of the media industry, tackling crucial topics such as the veracity of news and the adverse effects of sensationalism. aha has made a name for itself by crafting inventive, thought-provoking narratives that are truly reflective of the society we live in. Newsense is no exception to this rule, promising an engrossing and introspective look at the media industry that will leave viewers spellbound.

In an impassioned speech at the event, Navdeep lauded the show’s ability to shed light on such a crucial issue, stating, I’m ecstatic to be part of a series that offers such a unique perspective on a topic as crucial as the role of media in our society. Newsense is a powerful narrative that will keep audiences captivated from start to finish.

Echoing Navdeep’s sentiments, Bindhu Madhavi remarked, As actors, we are responsible for creating content that resonates with our audiences and inspires them to enact positive change. Newsense does precisely that and is an absolute must-watch for anyone concerned about the impact of media on our society.

The communication line Dabbuki media daasohama? has created a sensation among audiences since the teaser release of the web series. This thought-provoking line asks whether the media has become a slave to money, and it strikes a chord with viewers concerned about the news’s authenticity and the media’s impact on society. The line is a powerful way to convey the message of the series, and it has already garnered attention from audiences and media alike, generating buzz and anticipation for the show’s upcoming release.

Director Sri Prawin, who helms the project, is excited to showcase a fresh perspective on the role of media in our society. As a filmmaker, it’s my responsibility to create content that sparks conversation and reflection, he says. Newsense is a powerful series that delves deep into the world of stringers, and raises important questions about the ethics of news reporting. I’m confident that audiences will be captivated by the raw and honest portrayal of the industry.

With its powerful cast, stellar production quality, and riveting storyline that will keep audiences hooked, Newsense is set to be the next big thing in Telugu entertainment.

With its bold and uncompromising approach to storytelling, Newsense Season 1 promises to be a must-watch series for anyone who cares about the role of media in our society. Don’t miss the premiere on aha on May 12th.