Prema Geema Jantha Nai Movie Audio Launch Live Feed

10:05 P.M:- The anchor Janshi thanked each and every one  who attended the function.

10:00 P.M:– The music of this film is available in market through Shreyas Media.

9:55 P.M:- The director of this movie Subbu thanked each and every member of his team for their support and encouragement to him for making a good film.

9:52 P.M:- The minister Ghanta Srinivasa Rao, Sai Kumar, Jr.SVR, Surender Reddy, Vamsi , Pratap Reddy, Sri Ram Sathysanaraya, Ramakrishna ,  the singer Sri Venkatachalam , Srinivas Reddy and  the celebrities are invited on to the stage . The minister Ghanta Srinivasa Rao is launching   the first CD and is being given to B.Gopal.

9:50 P.M:- The heroine Barbie , the hero Sree Ramchandra , Naresh  are being invited on to the stage  to launch the 6th Song “Prema Geema Jantha Nayi’

9:40 P.M:- The lyricist of the song Ananth Sriram is being invited on the stage to share his moments with this movie.

9:37 P.M:- The dialogue king Sai Kumar , I.P.S. Officer Venkatesawulu  and Chakravarthy are being invited on to the stage to launch the 5th song ” Nene Paapayni”.

9:35 P.M:- He is singing the song Melkal Tirugutunna .

9:30 P.M:- Sree Ramchandra is singing a Hindi Duet by modulating his voice from a male voice to female voice.

9:25 P.M:- Sree Ramchandra is performing a dialogue from the movie  Jagadguru Aadi Shankara”.

9:15 P.M:- Sree Ramchandra started singing with a Telugu song Aaakasm Karigi Nattu Ga and now he is singing a Hindi song Yaa Kwajaji.

9:10 P.M:- The Indian Idoll Sree Ramchandra is being invited on to the stage to sing a song  and he shared his sweet moments  in the shooting of this film. He thanked each and every one  for their support.

9:05 P.M:- An A/v On the singer turned actor Sree Ramchandra is being presented.

9:00 P.M:- The hero Bhanu Chander wished good luck and bright future for this Indian Idol.

8:59 P.M:- The villian of this movie Jr.SVR,the grandson of S.V.Ranga Rao thanked the director and producer for giving him this opportunity to act in this film.

8:57 P.M:- The director Srikanth Addala  is speaking about the movie and also said that he is very lucky to meet many great artists at the function.

8:55 P.M:- Suresh Kondeti talked about Sree Ramchandra and also promised that he will definitely make a film with him.

8:52 P.M:- The  director Srikanth Addala, Suresh Kondeti and the actor Bhanu Chander are being invited on the stage to launch the 4th song “Nenu Nee Veenai”.

8:45 P.M:- The third song is being  sung by Sahithi on the stage and the heroine of the movie Barbie Handa is dancing for this song on the stage. She is looking very pretty.

8:38 P.M:- The director Veeru Potla wished the entire team of the movie a very good luck and wished that the movie will be a big hit. Even the hero Suman praised the young singer turned hero Sree Ramchandra and also said that he has a very good voice.

8:35 P.M:–  The hero, character artist Suman and the director Veeru Potla  are being invited onto the stage to launch the third song  “Utti Meeda” .

8:26 P.M:- The Rocky and team from the popular T.V. Show ‘Jabardasth” are  performing a comedy scene on the stage.

8:20 P.M:- The song “Vasthava Vasthava ” is being performed on the stage by Sridhar Dance Troupe.

8:18 P.M:- The director J.K.Bharavi wished the crew all the best and said that the hero has a very bright future.

8:15 P.M:- The second Song  “Vasthava Vasthava” penned by Ananth Sriram and sung by Sahithi is being launched by  the popular director and writer  J. K. Bharavi.

8:05 P.M:- The lyricist of the song “Mansantha Neediga” Vanamali is being invited on to the stage, to share his memories with this song.

7:55 P.M:- The producer Vamsi Wished the hero Sree Ramchandra and the heroine Barbie a very good and bright future and also wished the production house to make many more good films.

7:50 P.M:- The first song “Manasantha Neediga” is being launched by producer Vamsi .

7:46 P.M:- An A/v on the production house Subham creations is being presented.

7:45 P.M:-Naresh has just arrived.

7: 40 P.M.:- The actors Suman and Sai Kumar just arrived to the event.

7:35 P.M:- A medly on the songs that are sung by Sree Ramchandra is being performed.

7:25 P.M:- A dance programme is being performed.

7:23 P.M:- The heroine of this movie Barbie Handa has arrived to the event.

7:20 P.M.- The yesteryear’s hero Bhanu Chander has arrived at the event.

7:15 P.M:- The Audio launch event has started and Jhansi is anchoring the show.

Prema Geema Jantha Nai Movie Audio Launch Live FeedThe Indian Idol winner and the playback singer Sri Ram Chandra’s debut movie as hero in Tollywood “Prema Geema Jantha Nai” audio launch is to be held today. Stay tuned for the live updates/live feed of Prema Geema Jantha Nai movie audio launch.