Preminchali movie premier show at Palakollu Preminchali movie premier show at Palakollu.


The upcoming film “Preminchali” had its premier show on Friday at Palakollu in Dasari theatre.  This premier show has been watched by the former minister and popular producer Maganti Venkateswara Rao popularly known as Babu. He expressed his views saying that this movie is totally different to the present generation and it also has a message conveying that ‘Love’ is not attraction and the love marriages which are against their parental guidance lead to the orphan kids.

Director Satti Babu also participated in this event and he expressed his views saying that the director conveyed the parental love in a very beautiful manner through this film.

The Central Residential College principal S. Sitapathi said that the climax of the movie is totally different and the story is very good.

Popular advocate Polisetti Suribabu said that these days the movies are being shot in a commercial way and this movie is totally different to that.