Rajamouli’s Eega receives two national awards

Published On: May 6, 2013   |   Posted By:

Rajamouli EegaRajamouli’s Eega which can boast of being the most innovative telugu movie that was ever made continues to receive accolades and praises till date. Recently, the movie won two national awards in the 60th national film awards.One of the award was under the category of the best regional film. The award was received by the producer of the movie, Sai Korrapati from the hands of the president of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

The second award was won in the category of the best visual effects in a movie. The award was well deserved as the movie had some spectacular 3D effects that took years for the filmmakers to formulate. The 3D effects were done by Makuta VFX and the award was received by Peter Draper from Makuta VFX.

Eega, which was released in 2012 was a huge hit gaining the likes of telugu audiences of all age groups. It was remade in tamil and kannada also became a hit in those languages.

Rajamouli, a happy man spoke on winning the awards by saying that the award for the visual effects was not a surprise and that they were expecting it. He also praised Peter Draper for portraying the house fly and its emotions in a very subtle and a captivating manner. He thanked the producer Sai Korrapati who encouraged him to direct a story which was considered absurd by many other producers.