Rajendra Prasad Untitled Confirmed

Published On: September 4, 2013   |   Posted By:

Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra Prasad As a Hero In His Upcoming Untitled Project.

One of the great actors of our Tollywood Rajendra Prasad, who can do any role with ease, is again coming up as the main lead in front of the Telugu audience after a long gap.

This great actor made the Telugu movie lovers laugh and also made them cry with his action in several comedy and serious roles. For this  untitled upcoming movie  K.R.Prasad is the producer on Raja Rajeswari Miracles Banner to be directed by the débutante director Ramu Perikala, who earlier worked as the story writer for the film titled “Little Hearts” It is being expected to have comedy, action and love in equal proportions. The shooting is being expected to start in the month of September 2013. The other cast and crew of the film will be announced later.