RGV’s Sathya 2 Trailer Launched

Published On: May 10, 2013   |   Posted By:
Sathya 2 Movie Stills
RGV’s Sathya 2 Trailer Launched

Creative Director Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film ‘Sathya 2Trailer launched today at N Convention Hitex, Hyderabad.

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV), Sumanth Kumar Reddy, Sharwanad and Anaika Soti have attended this event. Theatrical Trailer of ‘Sathya 2‘ launched by RGV at 8:50pm.

First Song (Nuvvu Leka.….) promo released at 08:53pm, Second Song (Evevo Pichi Oohale…….) promo released at 08:58pm, Third Song (Adigithe ivvaru…..) promo releasedat 09:05pm, all promos are released by Ram Gopal Varma.

Sharwanad and Anaika Soti are in the main leads.

Sathya 2, produced by Sumanth Kumar Reddy on ZED3 Pictures Banner. This film is presented by Mammoth Media and Entertainments Pvt Ltd. Muisc by Amar Mohile. Cinematography by Vikas Saraph.