Saagu Movie Special Premier

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Saagu Movie Special Premier

The critically acclaimed independent film “Sagu,” featuring Vamsi Thummala and Harika Balla in pivotal roles, has been making waves in the industry. Directed by the talented Dr. Vinay Ratnam and produced by Yashasvi Vanga, this film resonated deeply with audiences. “Sagu” tells the compelling tale of Haribabu and Subbalakshmi, whose love for each other emboldens them to overcome societal biases and discrimination. Through unwavering determination and a shared passion for their dreams, they embark on a transformative journey to bring water to their arid land.

Saagu follows Hari and Subba Laxmi, two individuals whose love for each other emboldens them to break down barriers and fight for their dreams. Set in a rural village steeped in tradition, their journey is not without its challenges.
Despite societal norms and expectations, Hari and Subba Laxmi refuse to be defined by limitations. Their love for each other becomes a source of strength, giving them the courage to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Together, they embark on a transformative quest to bring water to their parched land, symbolizing their unwavering determination to overcome adversity.
Saagu is a testament to the indomitable spirit of love, which has the power to conquer even the harshest challenges. It is a story of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of dreams. Through the journey of Hari and Subba Laxmi, the film reminds us that love knows no bounds and can inspire us to achieve the impossible.

The film’s powerful narrative captured the attention of renowned actress Niharika Konidela, who not only expressed her admiration for the concept but also submitted it for screening. Konidela praised the film’s ability to inspire hope and its poignant portrayal of farmers’ struggles. Niharika said.. ‘Sagu is a very special movie for me. We face many setbacks in life. But hope means moving forward without giving up. This film will give a lot of hope to the farmers . Family and friends support me in everything in my life . This short film of 52 minutes was shot in 4 days. Always a pleasure to support such a young team . Thanks Ankit for bringing me such a good project. I am very happy to have taken such a subject . I have never seen the hardships of farmers up close. But it is a pleasure to bring such a film before everyone. I submit the movie Sagu . I want to take forward such good projects. Such good concepts should be supported and encouraged by film analysts and audiences,’

During a special screening, Director Vinay Ratnam acknowledged the unwavering support of the media and thanked Konidela for her encouragement. He emphasized the film’s message of resilience and its condemnation of suicide as a solution to life’s challenges.’ Thanks to the media for supporting our film so much. Thanks to Niharika who supported us by watching our film. I cultivated to tell about the farmer. A man is stopped by caste, money, and society. I decided to convey the message that no matter what the problem, suicide is not the solution.’ He said. Actor Vamsi said.. ‘Cultivation is very special for all of us. We have been making short films for the last six years. because Niharika came up to Thanks to everyone who worked on Sagu movie. We all worked very hard to make this film. Thanks to the media for supporting us so much ‘,

Harika Balla said.. ‘Thanks to Niharika for supporting our film so much. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me such a good opportunity. We did many workshops for this film. We struggled for slang. I love such challenging roles. I have done many roles till now. But such a good recognition did not come. That’s why I acted in this movie.’

“Sagu” will be available for streaming from March 4th on popular platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Sony, Tata Sky Bing, Airtel Xtreme, MX Players, Hungama, Zesan, Void, Act, Net Plus Brand, Vi, Fire TV Stick, Mi, LG, and 1+ TV. The film has received widespread critical acclaim, with film analysts and audiences alike applauding its thought-provoking themes and emotional depth. Konidela emphasized the importance of supporting and encouraging such projects that shed light on important social issues.

“Sagu” stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and the unwavering spirit of filmmakers who dare to tell compelling stories that challenge societal norms and inspire hope. Its success is a testament to the passion and dedication of its cast, crew, and supporters, who believed in the film’s ability to make a meaningful impact on the world.


Vamsi Tummala  –  Hari Babu
Harika Balla  –  Subbalakshmi
Naidu Moram  –  Ramarao
Balaji  –  Ramesh
Akhilesh Relangi  –  Ramesh Son
Kalyan  –  Ramu
Rajsekhar  –  Suribabu
Shankarao  –  Venkatrao
BabuRao (babai)  –  Koteswararao
Narasimhadas  –  Hari Dasu –
Swarna (Andhra Shakunthala)  –  Ramarao 2nd Wife
Srinivas  –  Medical Shop Raju
Vedha Sri – Baby


Writer and Director – Vinay Ratnam
Producer – Dr. Yasaswi Vanga
Presented By: Niharika Konidela
Director of photography – Akshay Ram Podishetti
Music Directors – Suhith Bangera & Dhani Kurian
Editor & VFX – Rajesh Bonam
Executive producer – Shaik Razzaq
Line producer – Akhilesh Relangi
Production Manager – Sravan Kumar
Sound Design – Sachin Sudhakaran & Hari Haran (Sync Cinema)
Sound Mix – Aravind Menon
Sync sound – V Swapnik Rao
Boom Operators – Kalyan, Hussain
Costume Designer – Tejaswini
Assistant Directors – Navya Nagesh, Bhavan Das
Lyricist – Dhanush Gurrala,Vinay Ratnam,Ajay Chand Basha
Playback Singers –  M G Narasimha,Aswini chepuri
Colorist – Raju Reddy
Assistant Cinematographer – Vinay Ananthu, Eswar Ketha
Subtitles – Gayatri Chaganti