Sanjay Sheri Media Meet

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Sanjay Sheri Media Meet
Sound Party’ has loads of situational comedy: Director Sanjay Sheri
Full Moon Media Productions’ Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, and Sri Shyam Gajendra have bankrolled ‘Sound Party’, which stars Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title winner *VJ Sunny and Sivannarayana* in super hilarious roles. The film will hit the screens on November 24.
In this interview, director Sanjay Sheri talks about the biggest strength of the movie: situational comedy. He is pleased to have worked with Sivannarayana, Saptagiri, Prudhviraj and others. The new director talks about his inspiration and more.
*Here is what Sanjay Sheri said about the November 24th release:*
The father-son duo in the film is naive. I could think only of Sunny for the role of the innocent son. I learned about Bitcoin, the virtual currency. The father-son duo in the film go after Bitcoins believing that they are physical currency. In the process, they commit gaffes and shoot themselves in the foot.
Since I wrote the story myself, presenter V Jayashankar anna felt that only I should wield the megaphone. He supported me from behind the scenes. I myself am an inspiration in writing the story! I am the kind of person who overestimates his intelligence and faces a reversal (smiles). Only when the result turns negative do I realize that a ‘Dekho my thadaka’ attitude is not done! Sunny and Sivannarayana garu’s characters are like that in ‘Sound Party’.
I have always been a movie buff. I am inspired by Puri Jagannadh garu’s thinking. He is the biggest inspiration behind my wanting to become a filmmaker. I worked under Maruthi garu.
Since I am a first-time director, the senior artists supported me fully. They were very cooperative. Since the design of their characters is entertaining, they enjoyed themselves thoroughly playing them.
More than anything, this film is fun-filled. For two hours, you will enjoy the comedy. Right from start to end, the characters are funny. They don’t become melodramatic even in the climax. The comedy is situational and the entire fun factor is drawn from the nature of the characters. There is also a story and every scene has a purpose.
I picked Hrithika Srinivas as the heroine because I found Telugu-ness in her. I later came to know that she is the niece of Aamani garu. As for Sivannarayana, he is inimitable. His comic style is unique. Having watched ‘Amrutham’ TV serial episodes, I was intent on casting him for the role. He has elevated the script many notches higher.
I have wanted to work with Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan for a long time. I admire his talent. I have a story that totally suits him. It’s an action entertainer.