Satyabhama Movie Review

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Release Date: 07 – 06 – 2024

Story :

A daring and intelligent officer ACP Satyabhama encounters a case of domestic abuse where she gets close to the victim, Haseena and her brother, Iqbal. When the victim gets killed by the abuser later, Satyabhama takes it upon herself to bring the criminal to justice. While this is going on, Iqbal gets abducted which raises many new questions on what exactly is going on.

Review :

It is refreshing to finally see some crime-thriller-action movies led by a Woman. The elevations given to Satyabhama in this movie were good and the character has some badass scenes in the movie.

The movie has a great story with many interesting twists in the investigation but the movie suffered due its poor screenplay. Kajol’s introduction scene itself was lackluster but it was immediately followed by a badass scene where Satyabhama steps in to take charge in an interrogation. This is one example out of many of the choices in the screenplay which could have been done way better than what they are now.

The story has interesting elements and was used well overall but the screenplay was distracting us from the story and felt very random with it’s diversions to the subplots.

The music was good and the fight with Rage of Satyabhama was well done.

The actors’ performances were good for the most part.

While the character Satyabhama is written as a physical fighter, it might be hard for some of the Telugu audience to accept Kajal in such a character after 15 years of her playing softer characters, even with her new Title as the “Queen of the Masses”.\

The cinematography was done very well.

Conclusion :

It is a movie with a good story and setup, which took a hit due to a messy screenplay.

Give it a try if you’re a Kajal Fan or really want to see a woman leading in a serious telugu action movie.

Movie Cast And Crew Details :

Movie Title : Satyabhama
Banner : Aurum Arts
Release Date : 07-06-2024
Censor Rating : “U/A”
Cast : Kajal Agarwal,Naveen Chandras,Prakash Raj
Story – Director : Suman Chikkala
Music : Sricharan Pakala
Cinematographer : Vishnu Besi
Editor : Kodati Pavan Kalyan
Producers : Bobby Tikka, Srinivas Rao Takkalapelly
Nizam Distributor : Mythri Movie Distributors LLP
Runtime : 134 minutes