shweta pandit rocks panjaa album

Published On: December 6, 2011   |   Posted By:

The movie of the season Panjaa now has a new star. As we know pawan kalyan starrer is in the cans to be released on the ninth of this month. The audio is a chart buster already. The song ‘kshanama kshanam’ sung by ms.shweta pandit has caught the attention of the youth. The melodious tune, meaningful lyrics and the great voice have added a new flavor to the album.  Apparently, Ms.Pandit has been working every since she was 5. Her first inception to the movies was with mani ratnam’s classic anjali, where she lended her voice for the dubbing to the main child lead for the hindi version. Kudos Ms.Pandit, we need young talent like you to shine.