Sound Party Movie Pre Release Event

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Sound Party Movie Pre Release Event
Grand pre-release event of ‘Sound Party’ held

‘Sound Party’ will entertain everyone from children to old people: Makers

Full Moon Media Productions’ Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, and Sri Shyam Gajendra have bankrolled ‘Sound Party’, which they say is an out-and-out entertainer. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 title winner VJ Sunny and Sivannarayana have super hilarious roles in the movie. The film will hit the screens on November 24.

The film’s pre-release event was held in Hyderabad on Monday. Blockbuster director Anil Ravipudi, who was present as the chief guest, launched a Bitcoin in connection with the movie. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Since his Bigg Boss stint, Sunny has been working very hard. He is doing good films. I want this film to be successful and advance his career. The trailer is very good. I laughed with every punchline and one-liner. This is the most hilarious trailer I have seen in recent times. I think the scenes between Sunny and Sivannarayana will be a hoot. All the best to the team.”

KL Damodar Prasad, President of the Producers’ Council, said, “There is a very positive atmosphere here today. Sunny is a very talented hero. I wish that this film will be successful and he will gain more fame.”

Natural Star Nani, Choreographer Shekhar Master, and Hyper Aadi congratulated the film unit through video bytes. Director VN Aditya, hero Chaitanya Rao extended their wishes for the movie’s success.

‘Jayamma Panchayati’ director Vijay Kumar said, “If a director gets a good producer, there is no one more fortunate than him. Sanjay Sheri got a good producer in the form of Ravi Polishetty.”

Sunny said, “Happy birthday to my mother, Kalavathi, who always wanted to become an actor. We made this film with a good star cast. Heroine Hrithika was very supportive. I got a beautiful daddy in the form of this film. Sivannarayana is a joy to work with. Everyone who has seen the movie will feel like having a father like him. We will entertain as Kuber Kumar and Dollar Kumar. Mohit has provided excellent music. Sanjay Sheri is the most talented director. His name will emerge as a brand in the future. Ravi Polishetty is an awesome producer. The support given by Mahendra garu is unforgettable. I hope the audience will support us.”

Sivannarayana said, “Sanjay wrote this role keeping me in mind ten years ago. Thanks to Sanjay and the producers for giving me such a full-length character. Special thanks to Vennela Kishore who gave the voice over for this movie. This film is devoid of vulgarity and obscenity. Everyone is going to like this movie like how they love ‘Amrutham’.”

Hrithika Srinivas said, “Thanks to everyone who gave me a chance in the project.”

Sanjay Sheri said, “Real sound parties are the producers of this movie. The movie will make you laugh continuously for two hours. Sunny is a very energetic hero. He is my lucky charm. Heroine Hrithika entertains everyone with her cute looks. Thanks to all the actors and technicians who supported me. I have this desire to work with Sivakarthikeyan garu. If I get a chance, I will narrate a story to him.”

Producer Ravi Polishetty said, “I went to America in 2007. I was doing technology and real estate business. I had a passion for movies. I used to think a lot about what kind of movies the audience would like. I wanted to encourage young talent and started doing music albums, web films and short films in the US. I made an app to identify talent. I learned about the filmmaking process when I came to Hyderabad. Jaya Shankar supported us a lot. If there is a five or ten minute comedy scene in a film, the film is a super hit. ‘Sound Party’ is funny throughout. Sanjay Sheri is like Trivikram if you look at his writing style. The audience will keep laughing while watching this movie. Today, our film has received U/A certificate from the CBFC. Even the officials who censored this movie said that they enjoyed thoroughly. This is the most hilarious movie they have watched in recent times. This November 24, everyone from kids to elders will enjoy our movie.”

Producer Mahendra said, “The output of the movie is very good. The combination scenes between Sunny and Sivannarayana are awesome. Thanks to Ravi for giving me a partner in such a good project.”

Music Director Mohit Rahmaniac said, “Sunny has trusted me very much for this project. Sanjay has written a wonderful script. Producers Ravi Polishetty and Mahendra supported us very well. Special thanks to Aditya Music for anchoring our songs.”

Lyricist Purnachari said, “Thanks to Creative Head Jaya Shankar for giving me this opportunity. Only a few songs are remembered for a long time. I am happy that all the songs in this film are worthy of being remembered for a long time.”

Bigg Boss fame Kajal, Ameeda, Lobo, Tasty Teja, Subha Sri and others also attended the program.


VJ Sunny, Hritika Srinivas, Sivannarayana, Ali, Saptagiri, ’30 Years’ Prudhviraj, ‘Mirchi’ Priya, Manik Reddy, Ashok Kumar, Kadambari Kiran, ‘Gemini’ Suresh, Bhuvan Saluri, ‘I Dream’ Anjali, Vasu Inturi, Chalaki Chanti, Prem Sagar, RJ Hemanth, Shashank Mouli, Trinadh, Krishna Teja and others.


Director of Photography: Srinivas Reddy; Editor: G Avinash; Music Director: Mohit Rahmaniac; Lyricist: Poornachari; Production Designer: Rajeev Nair; Co-Writers: Patel Nandurka, Sundar Palutla; PRO: GK Media; Chief Co-Director: Chinna; Co-Director: B Santosh Krishna; Associate Directors: Yashwanth Valaboju, Krishna Chaitanya T; Assistant Directors: /Yash, Dilip Kumar Raju, Yuvan Phanindra S: Line Producer: Sivakanth Vanga; Executive Producer: Bhuvan Saluru; Producers: Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, Sri Shyam Gajendra; Presented by: V Jayashankar; Written and Directed by Sanjay Sheri.