Swag Movie Meera Jasmin First Look Poster Launched

Introducing The Evergreen Beauty Meera Jasmine As Uthphalaa Devi From The World Of Sree Vishnu, Hasith Goli, TG Vishwa Prasad, People Media Factorys Swag

After making ripples with their Title Story Glimpse and Queen Gari Swag Glimpse,
the world of Swag has now introduced the Evergreen Beauty Meera Jasmine as
Uthphalaa Devi, destined to be Queen, yet lost the throne due to her levelheadedness and empathetic nature. Strange reason? Imagine how strange and exciting the world of SWAG is going to be.

Meera Jasmine in the character introduction poster appears typically like a queen in designer wear with heavy jewellery. She indeed looks apt in the character. After a long time, Meera Jasmine who took a break has done this movie where she will be seen in a very crucial role.

This movie which marks the reunion of Sree Vishnu and Hasith Goli is bankrolled by TG Vishwa Prasad on People Media Factory. Ritu Varma is playing the lead actress named Queen Rukmini Devi from Vinjamara Vamsham. Billed to be an outandout entertainer, Swag is another unique attempt from Sree Vishnu and Hasith Goli.

Vedaraman Sankaran cranks the camera, whereas Vivek Sagar provides the music and Viplav Nyshadham is the editor. The other technicians include GM Shekar handling the art department, while Nandu master takes care of stunts. Vivek Kuchibhotla is the coproducer.

The movie Swag that is going to floor you is gearing up. All eyes here please!

Cast :

Sree Vishnu, Ritu Varma, Meera Jasmine

Technical Crew:

Producer by T.G. Vishwa Prasad
Written & Directed by Hasith Goli
Cinematographer: Vedaraman Sankaran
Music: Vivek Sagar
Editor: Viplav Nyshadham