Telugu movies 2013 with English titlesTelugu movies 2013 with English titles

30 Telugu movies released in 2013 with English titles. They are …(1)N R I (2) Shadow (3)Love Touch (4)Love Cycle (5)Chemistry (6)Love Idiots (7)Something Something (8)Ringa Ringa (9)Action 3D (10)Psycho (11)Oh my love (12)Half Boil (13)Mango (14)Made In Vizag (15)Romance (16)Waiting For You (17)Kiss (18)Welcome O Bama (19)Music Magic (20)Break Up (21) Police Game (22)Second Hand (23)Pizza (24)Back Bench Student, (25)3G Love, (26)Double Trouble, (27)Bad Boy, (28) Crazy , (29)NH 4, (30)Bunny n Cherry.

The movies with English titles are 15% of the total Telugu movies released in 2013.