The Handsome Villian Sonu Sood in Bhai

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Handsome Villian Sonu Sood in Bhai

The Handsome Villian Sonu Sood in Bhai

Sonu Sood is a popular Indian actor, model and also a producer. He is born on 30th July 1973 in Punjab, India. He acted in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and also in Kannada movies. He is a graduate in Electronics Engineering from the Yeshwantrao Chavan College Of Engineering, Nagpur. He wanted to become an actor since his childhood. He started his career as an actor with the Tamil movie “Majunu” and his second film was also a Tamil movie titled “Kallazhagar” in 1999. He debuted in Tollywood with the movie “Hands Up” in the year 2000 but he didn’t get that much recognition.He acted as the friend of  Akkineni Nagarjuna in the movie “Super” released in 2005 which gave him an identity in the Telugu Film industry. He got complete recognition with his role as Aghora in the Anushka’s movie “Arundathi” released in 2009, this was the block buster hit of that year. In most of his films he acted in the negative roles. He acted as a villain in almost all the big stars movies in Tollywood. He looks very smart and handsome. He acted in the negative role in the latest upcoming film “Bhai” directed by Veerabhadram Choudary. It is releasing tomorrow (25th October 2013).

Filmography Of Sonu Sood In Telugu:-

  1. Hands Up (2000).
  2. Ammailu Abbailu (2003).
  3. Super (2005).
  4. Athadu (2006).
  5. Ashok (2006).
  6. Mr. Medhavi (2008).
  7. Arundhati (2009).
  8. Anjaneyulu (2009).
  9. Bangaru Babu (2009).
  10. Ek Niranjan (2009).
  11. Shakti (2011).
  12. Teenmaar (2011).
  13. Kandireega (2011).
  14. Dookudu (2011).
  15. Uu Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara? (2012).
  16. Julayi (2012).
  17. Bhai (Releasing tomorrow). wish him good luck and a great success for his latest upcoming film “Bhai”.