Welcome Obama Movie Review

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Welcome Obama Movie Review

Movie Title :- Welcome Obama
Banner :– Sandalwood Media
Release date :- 20.09.2013
Censor rating :- U
Cast :-  Sanjeev, Rachel, Urmila, Niranjani
Directed by :- Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Music :- Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Cinematography :- S S Darshan
Editor :- Surya
Producer :- S Bharathi Krishna
Running Time :- 150 miniutes

Welcome Obama Movie Review :-

Singeetam Srinivasa Rao is the most innovative film maker of south India, arguably, the whole of India. His latest film Welcome Obama has been creating quite a buzz with its variety cast and visuals. Let us check what the film has for the audience.

Lucy(Rachel) is a US citizen who comes to India with her boyfriend’s sperm to find a healthy surrogate mother. She finds Yashoda(Urmila) and takes proper care of her till the delivery. Due to some consequences, Lucy goes back to US and the boy grows up with Yashoda in India. After some time, she comes back to India, seeking her child. Yashoda, who is already emotionally bonded with the kid will not give him back. The rest of the story deals with where the boy actually belongs.

Urmila and Sanjeev are the debutantes and they have done a good job. Rachel, who recently debuted with Potugadu is seen as a US citizen and did a good job. The boy also was cute and bubbly. Anantha Sriram, Bhuvanachandra, Balabhadrapatruni Ramani, who are all writers, debuted as actors with this film and were okay in their roles.

Technical Department:
The plot of the film itself is very offbeat and no one except Singeetham could have dared to take such a plot. The concept of surrogacy is very new to the Telugu audience and Singeetam has explained this concept very convincingly. There is no flaw in the story. But the screenplay is a bit slow and not adaptable to the audience of this generation. Camera work is not up to the mark. Editing is good. Music by Singeetam is also very good and a couple of songs are hummable. Rest all departments are ok.

Overall Summary:
Welcome Obama is definitely an experiment to the Telugu audience but it is nothing that the B,C centers people wont understand. Go watch it for the story and the courage of a 80 year old man to handle most of the departments of this film.

Rating :- 3/5