Allu Ramalingaiah

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Allu Ramalingaiah was born in Palakollu Town in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh on 1st of October 1922. He began his film career with a role in the Film “Puttilu” Directed by Garikipati Raja Rao and released in the year 1953. He got recognition as a comedian with the film “Maya Bazar” Major breakthrough in his career was through the film “Mooga Manasulu” (1964). In NTR’s film “Kathanayakudu” as an associate of main vilian Nagabhushanam he came to limelight and played many similar characters with villain actors Sathyanarayana, Rao Gopala Rao, Prabhakara Reddy.

He was best suited for the role of Chithraguptha. He lived in this Character in the film “Yamagola” (1977) and “Yamudiki Mogudu” (1988). In the film “Jamindarugari Ammayi” his dance for the song “mangamma nuvuthukuthunte andam amma vesave bandham” is unforgetable. In the film “Sankarabharanam” as a friend of J V Somyajulu he proved that he can live in the roles of serious action.

In the film “Gang Leader” as an assistant to Rao Gopala Rao as an astrologer with Attractive diction and expression of a dialogue “Sure” he stole the hearts of Telugu cine lovers.

In Bapu’s film “Muthyala Muggu” his action like a monkey with excellent display of monkey’s mannerisms can be termed as the best in his acting career.

After Relangi and Ramana Reddy, Allu Ramalingaiah is the best comedian for Tollywood. His owns style of diction and expressions are his assets.

He has acted in more than 1000 Telugu films. He has established Allu Mark on all the Characters he has played/acted. He has entertained the Telugu Cinema lovers for about 52 years (1953 to 2004) with his comedy acting in 1000 plus films.

Allu Ramalingaiah’s Family:

His son Allu Aravind is a Leading Film Producer. His Son-in-law is Megastar Chiranjeevi.His grandsons Allu Arjun (son of Allu Aravind) and Ram Charan Tej (son of Chiranjeevi) are also Actors.

Awards For Allu Ramalingaiah:

He was honored by Govt. of India with Padmasri in the year 1990.

He was awarded by Govt. of AP with Prestigious Raghupathi Venkaiah Award for the year 2001 in recognition of his contribution to Telugu cinema.

Allu Ramalingaiah National award has been instituted in the year 2004 in his memory to be given to best comedians/actors/film personalities every year.

List of Film Personalities honored with Allu Ramalingaiah Award:

  1. Brahmanandam(Commedian) (2005)
  2. Johny Lever (Hindi Commedian)( 2006)
  3. Rajendra Prasad (Commedy Hero) (2007)
  4. K.Vishwanath(Director) (2008)
  5. Padhmanabham(comedian) (2009)
  6. E V V Sathyanarayana(director) (2010)
  7. K Sathyanarayana (actor) ( 2011) (decided)

Allu Ramalingaiah’s List of films:-

  1. Puttillu (1953)
  2. Donga Ramudu (1955)
  3. Missamma (1955)
  4. Maya Bazar (1957)
  5. Thodikodallu (1957)
  6. Appuchesi Pappukoodu (1958)
  7. Iddaru Mithrulu (1961)
  8. Gundammakatha (1962)
  9. Chaduvukunna Ammayilu (1963)
  10. Mooga Manasulu (1964)
  11. Dagudumoothalu (1964)
  12. Preinch Choodu (1965)
  13. Athmagowravam (1965)
  14. Paramanandayya Sishula Katha (1966)
  15. Poolarangadu (1967)
  16. Kathanayakudu (1969)
  17. Buddhimanthudu (1969)
  18. Sambaralarambabu (1970)
  19. Balarajukatha (1970)
  20. Sambarala Rambabu (1970)
  21. Bomma Borusa (1971)
  22. Thatha – Manavadu (1972)
  23. Iddaru Ammayilu (1972)
  24. Andala Ramudu (1973)
  25. Sarada (1973)
  26. Muthyalamuggu (1975)
  27. Bhaktha Kannappa (1976)
  28. Premalekhalu (1977)
  29. Yamagola (1977)
  30. Manavoori Pandavulu (1978)
  31. Sankharabharanam (1979)
  32. Vetagadu (1979)
  33. Nyayam Kavali (1981)
  34. Kondaveeti Simham (1981)
  35. Subhalekha (1982)
  36. Manthrigari Viyyankudu (1983)
  37. Chattamtho Poratam (1985)
  38. Vijetha (1985)
  39. Kirathakudu (1986)
  40. Donga Mogudu (1987)
  41. Yamudiki Mogudu (1988)
  42. State Rowdy (1989)
  43. Kondaveeti Donga (1990)
  44. Jagadekaveerudu Athlokasundari (1990)
  45. Rajavikramarka (1991)
  46. Gangleader(1991)
  47. Muthamestri (1993)
  48.  Alluda Majaka
  49. Indra(2002)
  50. Tagore(2005)

This great comedian of Telugu Film Industry died at Hyderabad on 30th of July 2004.  Today is the 89th Birth Anniversary of this popular comedian.

Business of recollects his memories and salutes this great star of Tollywood.