The 435 Xtreme combines the features of the 435 ES, 435 Advanced and the Functional Expansion Module FEM-2 in one package. With a multitude of new functions the 435 Xtreme is an extremely flexible camera with features that include a super bright high quality viewfinder, the latest generation of ARRI Integrated Video System IVS 2, a new ramp generator offering faster and smoother ramping capabilities from 0.1 to 150fps, integrated lens motor electronics and built in Lens Data System LDS.

The 435 Xtreme also offers tight integration with the ARRIMOTION, including frame accurate go motion, stop motion and ramping capabilities.


  • Robust construction
  • Wide speed range of 0.1 to 150 fps
  • Precision dual pin registration movement
  • Bright, ergonomic viewfinder for spherical and anamorphic viewing available
  • Extensive line of accessories
    • wired and wireless remote control of camera and lens
    • radio integrated in camera body
    • integrated Lens Data System
    • synchronizing to monitors
    • speed ramps, depth of field ramps, timing shift ramps
    • compatible with motion control systems
    • time-lapse control and integrated capping shutter
  • Electronic mirror shutter
  • hand crank option

435 Timeline

Since the 435 camera first saw the light of day in 1995, it has become the workhorse of the film industry, the golden standard for MOS camera work. Over 1,200 cameras were sold worldwide. Based on the original 435 design, ARRI has continuously updated the camera to add versatility and features, culminating now in the 435 Xtreme.

Nov 1995: 435 & 435ES, 4 perforation
Nov 1995: FEM-1
Nov 1995: Anamorphic Viewfinder
Aug 1996: Steadicam Magazine
Jul 1997: IVS
Feb 1998: 300m Magazine
Nov 1998: Single Frame System
May 2000: WRC-1
Jul 2000: 435 & 435ES, 3 perforation
Nov 2000: IVS II
Jul 2001: 435 Advanced
Oct 2001: Motion Control Interface
May 2003: FEM-2
Apr 2004: 435 Xtreme


Recording format 35 mm Film
Lens mount 54 mm PL
Contacts for LDS lenses yes
Forward run 0.1-150 fps
Reverse run 0.1-150 fps
Sound level MOS
Temperature range -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Mirror reflex shutter 180° to 11.25° electronically adjustable
Nominal power input 24 V DC to 32 V DC
Weight body with finder 6.5 kg/14.3 lbs