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Ayshickka SharmaAyshickka Sharma the dashing actress is all set to make her debut in the Tollywood industry with the movie “Facebook“.

Please let us know about you?

I am a fun loving, light hearted and jovial person with strong family values and great dedication to my work. My family is my greatest source of strength and at the end of the day I rejoice my success and failure with them. Beside studies I also indulged myself in Martial arts and received Black Belt at quite a young age and I am also a trained Bharathnatyam dancer.

How Come Modeling happened, if done any?

Yes, I have done modeling assignments for quite a few brands. But quite honestly I have the least idea about how I got in. A good family friend of mine suggested that I get my portfolio done when I was studying. Though I was a little hesitant initially, I got myself photographed and left it at that. I was later approached by many for Jewellery and Textiles TV commercials and so I really had to juggle between studies and modeling and that paved my way towards the Ad industry. So I would say it was destiny that got me in to modeling.

What made you to attract towards this cine field?

The whole idea of capturing various emotions, through different characters, forming part of a story, under a single plot, directed by a foresighted creator through cinema makes me wonder at its feasibility and with every movie,  I watch I am left mesmerized. And that attracts me to be here and to explore more avenues in this field.

Tell us about your other achievements related to cinema/modeling?

I have done modeling for almost thirty different brands in market and henceforth started with acting. Well, the biggest of achievements I have aggregated so far, I consider is my parent’s blessings and their happiness when they witness my every step that helps me climb up the ladder. I wish audiences too like my work and load me with their blessings and love.

Have you learnt acting anywhere?

I had learnt acting by observing people in day to day life and also by watching movies. I have also learnt some of the dos and don’ts, in front of the camera from my directors I have worked with.

Tell us about your current movie “Facebook”?

Face book is not just a, “feature film” it’s a “future film”. It’s a film that revolves around a concept that can encourage young minds to think differently. The director of the film R.P.Patnaik sir has had a futuristic vision in Facebook and I am sure the movie will cater to people from all generation.

Tell us about your role in “Facebook” movie?

I play the role of a very innocent, traditional yet intelligent girl who quits her job as an investigating officer from an intelligence agency, as she believes her intelligence can be used in a better way rather than in a job that’s scary and risky.

How supporting was the cast and crew of the “Facebook” movie?

Facebook”, is a story of six friends who share a common thought that binds them together. It’s a film that keeps Friendship on the upper hand and showcases various emotions that true friends go through. Except me everyone else spoke Telugu and so initially it was tough for me to get along. But in a day or two things turned out to be more comfortable. We became friends not just in the movie but in real life too. On the sets the Asst Directors would help me with the language and my dialogues and they became good friends as well. The one person I am sincerely grateful to is the Director of the film R.P.Patnaik sir who constantly supported me and helped me with my acting and expressions.

Any memorable incidents happened with you during shoot?

Memorable event,  I would say will be the one when on the last day of shoot the director of the film R.P.Patnaik sir took us out for a treat. We went to a very famous restaurant called the “Paradise”, and treated ourselves with their mouth watering delicacies. The whole team was present there and we really had a blast.

Have you ever worked for any commercials?

I have worked for nearly thirty to thirty five commercials including the one for Francis Alukkas jewellery and textiles in Chennai, Kerala, and other ads including ads for RMKV, Univercell mobiles, City Union Bank, Pigeon cooker and so on….

What kind of cinema grabs your attention?

A total family entertainer especially a rib tickling comedy movie is my preference. I would love to work in such movies and at the same time love to watch movies of such genre with family and friends.

Do you have any Dream role?

No. Every role or character I have witnessed till date, best suited the artist who performed it and I never want to replicate any role. I would love to experiment with new and different roles in future.

Any other projects you’re concentrating upon?

I have completed working in a Tamil film as of now with director Shakthi Vel of “Kandha Kottai” fame.

Your favorite Movies?

There are too many favorite movies, for me to pen them down… Movies that made me laugh my life out, made me have silent sobs, inspired me to do things differently, educated me on issues and finally movies that made me take up acting as my profession. It will be unfair if I just mention a few here and leave out the rest.

Your favorite Actor and Actress? And why?

I love them all. Right from my childhood, I have admired every hero’s heroism and every actresses beauty and charm. I thought they were all divine and godly.

Do you believe in luck for cinemas? If so how much you scale “luck” factor for a movie form 1-100?

I believe the LUCK factor exists but only to an extent. Like it is said “God gives sugar to only those who already have a cup of milk”. And Success in cinema relies upon a combination of one’s consistent hard work, patience and perseverance, sincere effort, honest approach and most important of all parent’s blessing. According to me anyone who has truly imbibed such qualities within them are in for Lady Luck to shine on them.

As for me, I just love to do my work.

Why the name “Ayshickka”?

A name, not very commonly heard and at the same time pleasing to the ears at least for my parents and my dear ones. I think it means highly blessed with “Success”.

Who is your role model? And why?

I am a person who learns from my own mistakes and I review my past experiences for my future decision making. I consult my father and mother in everything I do and believe in them completely. So they are my role model I think.

Down the line where you want see yourself in Cine field?

I enjoy doing films and so I do not hesitate in putting my blood and soul in it. Down the line I see myself  having mastered the art and giving out best performances that are liked and enjoyed by people not just in our country but all over the world.

Would you like to pass on any message to your fans?

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Editors Note:

“Young Ayshickka, lady with beauty and brains is sure to succeed and reach the upper echelon of telugu film industry very soon. The team of business of tollywood wish her all the best for her career and upcoming movie “Facebook“.

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