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jyothiJyothi, a well known Actress in Telugu Industry, acted in and over 40 films and in many roles. Here are the glimpse of a face-on interview with her.

Tell us about you?

I hail from Vishakapatnam, and I belong to a middle class family. I was brought up in a joint family. I am a graduate (B.Com) from Vishakapatnam.

What made you to attract towards cine field?

“Dance” is my passion. Whenever I used to watch a movie in theatre, after going home I always tried to replicate same dance steps. This is the only reason I entered into industry.

My first movie was “Pellam Oorelithe” Directed by S.V. Krishna Reddy. Initially I was not interested in the role but later due to some financial problems I agreed to do the role and it became a hit character. The character in the movie was my best of all times. And still people appreciate me for my work.

Tell us about your role in “20.11” Movie?

It’s a Horror flick. I am playing the lead role in the movie. I have done different kind of roles but this is the first time I am playing the role of a Ghost. I am really excited about the role and the movie.

How supporting was the cast and crew of this movie?

The entire unit is really cooperative. This is the first time I am working with Director Vamsi Krishna. He is an extra ordinary guy. Though it is a petite budget movie with a small unit, they are doing a really fantastic job and I am feeling happy to work with them.

What do you look in a script?

I don’t like to do small roles. I always prefer performance oriented roles. I just look about the importance of character in the movie. The role should be meaning full and should be related to story.

What kind of cinema grabs your attention?

Comedy movies, because it is the only thing which entertains people very much in theatres. People come to a movie to get entertained. I like comedy movie in particular. I even like message oriented movies.

What are your Upcoming projects?

Currently I am working With M.S. Raju for the movie “Tunega Tunega” and with Sreenivas Reddy in “Damarukam” movie.

For which movie you got best compliments?

The best compliment I received till now is for the role played in the movie  “Pellam Oorelithe”. The character’s name was “Tilottama”. Bollywood movie “No Entry” is the remake of Pellam Oorelithe in which Bipasha Basu played the character which I played the same in Telugu.

Which are your favorite Movies?

“Titanic”, “Cast away”, “Vasantha Kokila” and I like many comedy movies.

Who is your Role Model and why?

I excessively respect Chiranjeevi Garu and Rajnikanth garu for their struggle, getting into the industry and shining like the stalwarts like they are today. I really admire their hard work and want to shine the same way.

Do you have any dream role?

In “Vasanta Kokila” movie Sri Devi has done the role of a mad girl. I wanted to do one such role.

What is your ultimate goal?

I want to give my best in my each movie and would like to bag awards and appraisals for my performances.  I believe in hard work and want to experiment myself by doing different kind of challenging roles.  I want to be recognized for my work.

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