Beginning Movie Trailer Released

There is no guarantee for BIRTH. But there is a guarantee for DEATH.” It’s with this philosophical line that the trailer of ‘Beginning’ begins.

Of late, Tollywood filmmakers have been doing a fine job at telling profound stories. The audiences have been lapping up sensitive subjects if told with the right sensibilities. The trailer of ‘Beginning’ has come out at this juncture. Going by its content, one can be sure that director Raj Mudunuru  is all set to tell a promising story.

Birth and death are the starting and ending points of human life. Their significance is narrated in the context of Nature in ‘Beginning’. Produced by DNA Productions, the film stars Joshi Ram and Sirishti Jain in lead roles. Also featuring Chetan Sharma, Pramod Kumar, Ayushi Rawat, Aryan Preet, and others, the film’s trailer was unveiled on Monday. Harshitha Entertainments and Gudivada Studios have partnered as producers.

A character says in the trailer that he is worried about the hero’s parents. The line reflects the struggle that the male lead is going through and the emotional beats of the conflict plot point. The film seems to blend the philosophy of life and death with a sentimental touch. Then there is also a love story that is reflected through the dialogue, ‘You are an Engineer and she is a Medico’. Another character, who has his own road journey, says that he is on a mission to find a Pawan Kalyan for her daughter. The comedic touch is curious. Without showing the characters in a straightforward manner, the trailer presents their thinking in a creative way. A character draws the contrast between the chaos in the hospital and the silence in the graveyard. The song ‘Jaya Jaya Hanuma… Jagathiki Janaka’ is another highlight.

Director Raj Mudunuru  has previously made the critically acclaimed ‘3G Love’, which was a hit and inspired several Tollywood films. Raj has made ‘Beginning’ after a gap. Releasing the trailer, the director said, “It was not easy to make this Nature-themed movie. The story revolves around a Telugu family settled in Delhi. We shot several portions on the border of Himachal Pradesh. ‘Beginning’ brings to the audience a new visual flavour. Each character in the story is prominent. The trailer hides a lot of aspects in order to ensure curiosity. The shoot of the movie is almost over. We are planning to release ‘Beginning’ soon. The songs will be out on Aditya Music.”

Germany-based composer MT Kavi Sankar has worked on the music. Naushad Ali, a Delhi-based cinematographer, has taken care of the photography. His work is going to be a highlight.

Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad. Executive Producer: Shabbam Mohammad Haseem. Designer: Madan. Production House: DNA Productions in association with Harshitha Entertainments and Gudivada Studios. Director: Raj Mudunuru.