D for Dopidi Movie Release

D for Dopidi Movie Release in November

‘D for Dopidi’ movie starring Varun Sandesh, Sandeep Kishan, Naveeen, Rakesh and Melony is going to be released in November. Post production works are completed. Dil Raju is going to release the movie world wide. Raj Nidumuru, Krishna DK and Nani are the producers of the movie.Siraj Kalla is the director.

Dil Raju has said in the press meet that after looking at the promotional pictures in the audio function he got interest and had seen the movie and he enjoyed it a lot . He felt that this is a concept oriented movie like Money and Money-Money.

Nani said that we like some scenes in a movie but he enjoyed every scene in this movie. Director said that he is happy that Dil Raju is now associated with the movie as distributor and it is like a dream launch. Sandeep Kishan said that the association of Nani and Dil Raju itself is like the first step to success. Varun Sandesh said that of all the movies he worked this is a different movie. Music director Mahesh Shankar has also participated in the press meet.