Famous Mannersims Of All Time

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Victory Venkatesh:

Venkatesh is a versatile actor, whose acting created a different stream of fans for himself ranging from family audience to youth. His dialogue “Single Hand, Ganesh” along with his mannerism of “Pointing His Arm” in movie Ganesh(1998), is well known to every individual in such a way that, even today after 15 years of its release, people still memorize it when they see Venkatesh. It was so intenseful that it raises fear in Kota Srinivasa Rao, the villain and it can also be said that the chemistry of acting worked out very well between him and Venky.

Pawan Kalyan:

Pawan Kalyan even has a mannerism, which the Tollywood audience know well since the usage of that style takes place in almost every movie of him. He swiping his fingers around the neck is a special mannerism style of Power star and often uses it while buckling up for a scuffle or when going to mash the baddies.

Jr. Ntr:

Jr. Ntr show cased his intenseful mannerism in Aadi (2002), striking his thigh and saying “Thala Dinche Vamsham Lo Kadu … Thoda Kotte Vamsham Lo Puttanu” made people damn crazy about it. It even became a factor for attracting a large scale of fans in the early stages of his career.

Mahesh Babu:

Mahesh Babu with Business man (2012) has come up with a new mannerism showing his pinky finger and says that he came tremble the Mumbai. Initially, even though this mannerism received comments, later it reached into audience very well.

Ravi Teja:

Ravi Teja is as an actor whose acting procured him a mass image and for that he is often referred as Mass Maharaj. And Vikramarkudu (2006), the movie famous for his mass characterization and an visual audio mannerism Jintha Tha .. remains forever in the memory of Telugu audience. It is a humorous kind of mannerism, which he uses in almost every context like such as while with the heroine, with the villain and everyone. The mannerism just gives a rhythmic way of bumpy beat as back ground sound while he uses it.