Musical Hits Of Nagarjuna

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Among all other heroes, Nagarjuna always stay apart in style and personality and he is all set to up with his new movie “Greeku Veerudu”, where he is going to be in a new transformed look, with anchor beard and spike hair style. It is a fact that, Nag maintains variation in Style and look in every film he act.

(1)  Geethanjali (1989):

This movie always remains in the hearts of Telugu audience. It can be said that, the background score and music of Ilayaraja eventually stings the mind of a person and virtually carries them back to those days. Especially the songs raise a sad feeling, which was quite necessary in the story. Oh Priya Priya is one of the best in Geethanjali which eventually comes as a kind of duet between Prakash and Geethajali in the movie.

(2)    Shiva (1990):

Shiva can be said as a trend setter in the budding Film field. The movie depicts about the politics and gang fights in college backdrop. An Individual can observe different composition of Ilayaraja in this movie, as he made the soundtrack in order to make it suited for the Teen context. Even the youth of today like to listen “Botany Class Undi..Matinee Aata Undi” song. Apart from the Serious scuffle’s and Rage Politics, the romantic track is one of the highlights of Shiva, which will memorize the Song “Sarasalu Chalu Srivaru” between Nagarjuna and Amala.

(3)   Govinda Govinda (1993):

Govinda Govinda
Govinda Govinda is a movie about Robbery of Lord Balaji’s Golden Crown. The Successful Soundtrack credit goes to Koti, who created romantic chemistry between Nagarjuna and Sridevi. Especially the Song “Andhama Andhuma” even today makes people to hum in their free time.

(4)   Ninne Pelladatha (1996):

Ninne Pelladatha
It can be considered as the one of the Best Albums in Nag career. It was Sandeep Chowta who created the mesmerizing magic melody with his composition.  “Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu”, every lover surely feels this song to the heart, the attribute which makes it a classic of all time. “Greeku Veerudu” is a frolic playful song inspired by the imagination of every girl about her future mate.

(5)   Annamayya (1997):

It is a successful musical milestone of K.Ragavendhra rao and M.M.Keeravani, which created a devotional feel in the audience and it can be stated as a forever classic devotional genre album.

(6)   Nuvvu Vastavani (2000):

It is a musical hit with all songs familiar to Telugu audience. The music composed by S.A.Raj Kumar, generates a soothing feel once if you have a glance on the songs.

(7)   Santhosham (2002):

The Music Credits of movie Santhosham should be given to R.P.Patnaik. Best Melody and Classic genre composition can be said as his forte. The movie reminds “Lo Lo Na Manasantha Santhoshame..”, the title song  which eventually creates “Happiness” in everyone.

(8)   Manmadhudu (2002):

The Movie was a hilarious – musical as well as a commercial hit too. The sound track of Devi Sri Prasad and Background score elevated the movie to a great extent. Melodies “Gundello Emundo…”, “Naa Manasune..” even now after 10 years, are heard in many people collections. “Don’t Marry..” is a frolic song, drawn from the thoughts of a Bachelor, who gets frustrated with marriage.

(9)   Sri Ramadasu (2006):

Second devotional combo from K.Ragavendhra rao and M.M.Keeravani, composed 19 songs which were classic melodies and are so appealing that even the almighty would feel them appealing.

(10)    Rajanna (2011):

Rajanna is a different movie, where music is a crucial and core parameter and occupies more significance among other factors. M.M.Keeravani created a virtual impact in his musical way, the type of music here belong to Native Nizam genre. The music caught the pulse of nativity and received positive response from audience.