Film Distributors

The producer will sell the satellite rights to this wing for complete exhibition of the movie in T V Channels. After the film is ready for release the producer invite the distributors for a preview show for allotting the exhibition rights of the film on area basis. After viewing the film the distributors take an idea about the film in terms of Business. They offer the producer an amount basing on the Stardom, Music Score, and Story.  If the amount offered is agreeable, the Producer may enter in to contract awarding the rights for distribution of the film.

If the amount offered is not to his expectations the producer may release the film on his own. For self release of the Film there are Agencies with hold on Theatres to work on commission basis. This agency is responsible for hiring theatres for exhibition of the film. The agency has a team of agents in all parts of the state for checking the business as well collection of amounts.