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g ramaneedu biography

G Ramineedu

Guttha Ramineedu was born at Chataparru village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on 1st of October 1927.He worked as an assistant director to T. Prakash Rao for the film Charana Daasi released in the year 1956.His first film as director was “Maa Inti Mahalakshmi” which was also a first film for hero Haranath.

G.Ramineedu introduced Dr.M.Prabhakar Reddy as Psychiatrist in his film Chivarakumigiledi.

Great Character actor Gummadi Venkateshwara Rao played the title role In Ramineedu directed film Bhaktha Pothana.

The populat Character/Villain actor Rao Gopala Rao worked with him for few movies as assistant director. As Villain in Bapu’s Muthyalamuggu, Rao Gopala Rao cemented his position in Telugu Cinema as an actor.

G Ramineedu has introduced Chakravarthi as music director with his film “Mooga Prema”.

List of films of G Ramineedu as director:-

  1. Maa Inti Mahalakshmi(1959)
  2. Chivaraku migiledi(196o)
  3. Kalimilemulu(1962)
  4. Anuragam(1963)
  5. Bhaktha Pothana(1966)
  6. Palanati Yuddham(1966)
  7. Bangaru Sankellu(1968)
  8. Mooga Prema(1971)
  9. Thalli-Koothullu(1971)
  10. Charman Chalamaiah (1974)
  11. Prathikaram(1982)
  12. Rajkumar(1983)

Though Ramineedu directed about 20 films, all his films were message oriented with melodrama.

He was one of the best directors of Telugu cinema along with directors  K Hemambaradhara Rao,K Pratyagathma,Adurthi Subba Rao,K B Tilak ,V Madhusudana Rao,C S Rao  and other directors of that period.

He died at Chennai on 29th of April 2009 due to kidney failure

Today is the 84th birth anniversary of this great director.

Business of Tollywood salutes Ramineedu recollecting his memories.