Interview with Vithika Sheru about Prema Ishq KadhalInterview with Vithika Sheru about Prema Ishq Kadhal

Vithika Sheru, who is a bubbly girl by nature and even a multitalented youngster who has played one of the lead roles as well as designed costumes for her co-stars in her upcoming movie ‘Prema Ishq Kadhal’ shares her views about her role , about co-stars and special moments during shooting of ‘Prema Ishq Kadhal’ with
What was your feeling about PIK Trailer positive response?
Now days many Love story subjected movies are getting released. The reason for our movie trailer becoming popular is the freshness in the presentation and people are getting connected to it as we mentioned in our tagline ‘Pick your story’.
How did you get chance to work in this movie?
Director Pavan Sadineni auditioned around 30 girls for my role. He saw my facebook profile in which my photos with different expressions are there and after meeting me he finalized me for the role. I was really excited after listening to the story, as I can visually connect to my character and this is the first movie I have also accepted so fast.
Tell us about your role in the movie?
My character name in the movie is Sarayu and it connects with me a lot as Sarayu is a bubbly and talkative college girl. She is hyperactive in the first half and she is the person who makes the moody and reserved Harshavardhan (Randy) smile.
Tell us about any memorable moment in the movie?
My memorable moment was during the shoot of ‘Chetakani’song, which went on continuously for 8 hours and that too without any choreographer, Pavan, Karthik and Harsh worked hard for this song with 200 junior artists. It was fun and enjoyable also.
Tell us about relation with co-stars in the movie?
As I am not new to the film industry I am comfortable with everyone. My co-star Harshavardhan Rane is a fantabulous actor and we were friends during modeling and when we met in the pre-shoot party of the movie we were surprised and happy. We used to do a lot of homework before shooting and we used to do all the scenes in a single take. Harshavardhan Rane is very professional and it was great experience working with him.
Tell us about your journey during the making of the movie?
I had to work hard as I am not only one of the leading actress but also costumes designer for this movie. Even when my shot was not there, I have to attend shooting for costume designing. I have to be on my toes throughout the shooting. But the journey during the shooting was fun.
What is your feeling about the success of the audio?
Apart from our cast, crew, family members and friends, people of all age groups liked them very much. We know that the audio is good but such a huge response from the audience is unexpected. We are proud about the popularity and success of the audio and it is also in the list of Top chartbusters.
What is your favorite song in the movie?
My favorite song is ‘Samathame..’
What is your favorite dress?
I am more comfortable and like to wear saree.
Who is your favorite designer?
I like Manish Malhotra. If not acting I would have joined him as an intern.
Tell us about your dream role?
I like the role played by Deepika Padukone in ‘Om Shanthi Om’ as we can see lot of shades in that role. team wished Vithika Sreru for the success of her upcoming movie Prema Ishq Kadhal.