‘Kotthoka Vintha’ to be released in June

Published On: May 31, 2013   |   Posted By:

'Kottaka Vintha' to be released in June

Anil Kalyan will be playing the lead role in BV Ramana Reddy’s upcoming movie. He was seen earlier in ‘ Romantic Crime Story’.

The heroine of the film is Akshaya . The director stated in a recent interview that the discussions about the ill effects when a youth neglects our culture and gets attracted to the foreign culture. They are portraying the dark secrets of youth through the film

MS Narayana is in a lead role to strike upon the central theme of the film. S S Athreya has composed the film. The post – production stage is in progress and film may be released in the month of June.

The film is jointly produced by Samuel Bussa and Dasari Sunil Kumar.