Ma Oori Polimera 2 Movie Pre Release Event

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Ma Oori Polimera 2 Movie Pre Release Event

Ma Oori Polimera-2 is like my own movie: Hero Adivi Sesh at pre-release event

The thriller is up for a grand release in theatres on November 3

Director Dr. Anil Vishwanath proved his mettle as a talented director with the film Ma Oori Polimera on OTT. His latest film Ma Oori Polimera-2 is its sequel. Ma Oori Polimera-2, produced by Shree Krishna Creations and presented by Gowr Ghana Babu, is a rare thriller and an even more stunning sequel to be made in Telugu. Starring Satyam Rajesh and Dr. Kamakshi Bhaskarla in lead roles, the film also features Getup Srinu, Rakendu Mouli, Baladitya, Sahitya Dasari, and Ravi Varma play different roles in it.

The films pre-release event was held in Hyderabad on Monday in the presence of the versatile actor Adivi Sesh and blockbuster producer SKN as chief guests. Director Karuna Kumar, who played an important role in the film, along with popular singer Penchal Das and others, were also present along with the films cast and crew. The Big Ticket was unveiled by Sesh and SKN.

The film will hit the screens on November 3.

Speaking on the occasion, Adivi Sesh said that those technicians who worked with him on Kshanam are part of Ma Oori Polimera-2. He added that Anil, the director of the film, is a good friend of his. I know his talent. I am glad that he has made a sequel to a blockbuster film. This movie is like my own film. Many talented people have worked on this thriller, the Goodachari actor said, adding that the films success is certain.

Producer SKN said that the movie will surely be a commercial hit. These days, there is no difference between a small movie and a big movie. Making any sort of film is a hard task. The movie-loving audience wants a good movie from us. Audiences will definitely appreciate fresh content. This team looks tough. Creating a franchise for a movie is difficult. This movie has achieved such a rare feat. I appreciate the director for this. The reason why Ma Oori Polimera 2 is getting so much buzz today is that Vamsi Nandipati, thanks to his rich taste, has brought so much buzz to this movie by deciding to release it. Soon we are going to see him emerge as a big producer. We have seen Part 1 of this movie on OTT and we want everyone to enjoy the second part in the theater, the producer added.

Director Anil Vishwanath said that this movie was begun on a small scale and has since become a big-scale project because of Vamsi Nandipati. He thanked the films producer for his uncompromising nature. The contribution of heroine Kamakshi is unforgettable as far as I am concerned. Apart from being a heroine, she also worked with great dedication in the direction department. The music director-cinematographer duo are the main pillars of this movie. Everyone worked very hard to bring out the best product. A big banner is happy to release this film. I know the result of this movie already. I am very confident about the success of this film, he added.

Satyam Rajesh said that director Anil is the soul of this movie. He also lauded the producers passion. Vamsi Nandipati is the reason why we are releasing confidently as if this is a Rs 100 crore film. Technicians are the heroes of this movie, the actor said.

Producer Gowr Kriesna said that the director shot the story very well. Satyam Rajeshs contribution to complete this movie will be remembered for long. The entire team has worked very hard. Vamsi Nandipati is the reason why this film is getting a grand release on November 3. There is a certain belief that the film will be a huge success, he added.

Kamakshi Bhaskarla said that she is thankful to the director for the opportunity to work in the direction department when she is the heroine. After the release of this movie, everyone will get better recognition, she hoped.