Mangalavaaram Movie Review

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Mangalavaaram Movie Review

Mangalavaaram Movie Poster

Mangalavaaram Movie Poster

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“Mangalavaaram” is a multilingual thriller film written and directed by Ajay Bhupathi, and produced by Swathi Reddy Gunupati, Suresh Varma M, and Ajay Bhupathi under Mudhra Media Works and A Creative Works. Payal Rajput takes on the lead role, supported by Nanditha Swetha, Ajay Ghosh, Chaitanya, Ravindra Vijay, and others, with a small cameo by Priyadarshi. The film’s music is composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath, cinematography by Dasaradhi Sivendra, and editing by Madhav Kumar Gullapalli. Since the release of the teaser and trailer, audience expectations have soared, particularly with the thrilling and suspenseful elements showcased. Today, the movie has been released, and we’ll explore whether it lives up to the audience’s expectations.


Set in the 1990s in the village of Mahalakshmipuram, the narrative unfolds with tension arising from two mysterious murders. The entire village is on edge, perplexed by the murders’ motives. The clandestine relationships behind these murders are exposed as someone writes about them on village walls. SI Meena (Nanditha Swetha) begins investigating, but the villagers resist postmortems, and an intriguing pattern emerges—all the murders occur on Tuesdays. The remainder of “Mangalavaaram” revolves around uncovering the reasons behind these Tuesday murders. Concurrently, the film delves into the struggles of Sailu (Payal Rajput), adding layers to the narrative. To grasp the full story, one must watch “Mangalavaaram.”


“Mangalavaaram” revolves around Sailu, who grapples with a rare disorder, nymphomania. However, the movie goes beyond this, incorporating various layers and subplots. Sailu’s character is introduced just before the interval.

The movie begins by exploring Sailu’s childhood and transitions into a series of village murders. While lacking a standout plot, it engages the audience through clever editing and a gripping background score. The incorporation of humorous episodes featuring Ajay Ghosh adds a light touch, despite some vulgarity that doesn’t overpower the overall viewing experience. The first half is decently enjoyable, featuring interesting and suspenseful scenes.

The real essence of the story unfolds after the interval. While the initial part exudes a suspenseful thriller vibe, the second half takes a turn, emphasizing character development and feeling like a revenge drama. However, Sailu’s flashback moments and struggles appear somewhat exaggerated, lacking emotional depth. The latter half tends to be overly dramatic due to the artists’ performances, which may or may not be intentional but serves as a negative aspect.

The climax and pre-climax are filled with numerous twists, delivering a thrilling experience, although Priyadarshi’s character lacks strong establishment and fails to connect with the audience. A notable drawback is the absence of a clear link between Sailu’s personal story and the Tuesday murders. The movie raises questions but falls short of providing satisfying answers. Despite these shortcomings, the film maintains engagement, particularly through its editing and background score. The first half, with its comedic elements, offers a passable experience, but the emotional impact of the latter half may leave the audience questioning the authenticity of the first half.


  • BGM by Ajaneesh Loknath
  • Payal Rajput performance
  • New concept
  • Twists and turns


  • Felt like a fake first half
  • Narration
  • Over drama

Technical Aspects:

As mentioned earlier, Ajaneesh Loknath excels in “Mangalavaaram,” with his exceptional background score significantly enhancing the film’s impact. The outstanding sound design complements the overall experience, while cinematographer Sivendra Dasaradhi’s visuals and impressive production values contribute to the film’s technical excellence.

Director Ajay Bhupathi’s efforts are commendable, especially in opting for a unique storyline and skillfully unfolding it, particularly in the second half. Bhupathi aims to highlight the contrast between two significant elements, showcasing clarity in approach. However, the execution of the first half falls noticeably short, diminishing the overall impact. The movie could have reached greater heights with more thrilling moments. Nonetheless, the director effectively leverages technical aspects to narrate the story.

Despite its flaws, “Mangalavaaram” manages to captivate the audience with its layers and twists, even if some aspects, such as Sailu’s story and the motive behind the murders, could use more clarity and depth. In conclusion, “Mangalavaaram” is not flawless but succeeds in holding the audience’s interest throughout its runtime.


“Mangalavaaram” captures the audience with its twists and layers, but there are areas, like Sailu’s story and the murder motives, that could be clearer and more detailed.


MovieTitle : Mangalavaaram
Release Date: 17-11-2023
Censor Rating: “A”
Banner: Mudhra Media Works, A Creative Works
Cast: Payal Rajput, Nanditha Swetha, Divya Pillai, Azmal, Ravindra Vijay
Story – Screenplay – Direction: Ajay Bhupathi
Music: B Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography: Sivendra Dasaradhi
Editor: Madhav Kumar Gullapalli
Producers: Swathi Reddy Gunupati, Suresh Varma M
Runtime: 145 minutes