Masala movie review Masala movie review

Movie title :- Masala.
Banner :- Sravanthi Movies & Suresh Productions
Release date :- 14.11.2013.
Censor rating :- U.
Movie duration :- 140 Minutes.
Cast :- Venkatesh, Ram,Anjali,ShazhanPadamsee,Ali,MSNarayana,JayaprakashReddy,Posani
Directed by :- Vijaya Bhaskar.
Music :- SS Thamman.
Cinematography by :- I Andrew
Editing by :- M R Varma
Producer :-  Sravanthi Ravi Kishore & D.Suresh Babu.
Screen Watched :-Shanthi Theater (11:00 A.M show).

Masala is the remake of Bollywood hit Bol Bachchan. Venkatesh and Ram played the roles of Abhishek Bachchan and Ajay Devgan. This is a routine story presented in a different way. The movie opens with Rehman (Ram) and his sister Sania (Anjali) losing property in Hyderabad in a civil court. Their father’s friend Narayana (M S Narayana) takes them to another town which is almost ruled by a kind hearted but muscled Gentleman Balaram (Venkatesh), who loves English language but have no grip on English. Balaram can excuse any offence but not lying. Rehaman got introduced to Balaram and offered a job.There he is forced to lie changing his name as Ram. Balaram is impressed with Ram and believes him blindly. There is no depth in the story but the presentation on screen is very interesting. Ram is again forced to lie by himself getting introduced to Balaram as Rehman. The story runs with actor Ram performing both the roles as Ram and Rehman. Jayaprakash reddy is an assistant to Balaram and played his role with filled comedy. Venkatesh performed his role as Balaram with ease and looking young. Venkatesh’s presentation of broken/Split(Butler) English is very good. Shazhan Padamsee played the role of Venkatesh’s sister and Love interest to Ram.The two heroines are in the movie to be called as female lead actresses.Not much role for them. The story runs on how Ram defends himself as Rehman and Rehman protecting himself as Ram. A Villain Character in Posani Krishna Murali whose action is interesting. The comedy by Ali(Played as M S Narayana’s son), M S Narayana, Jayaprakash Reddy, Posani is good. Ram acted in style. Venkatesh looks young and his English dialogues presentation is good.

The climax of the movie to be seen on screens.

I Andrew Cinematography is good.Editing by M R Varma is OK.There is nothing new in Thaman’s music and the songs are not catchy.

The director K Vijaya Bhaskar has prepared a good script and screen play with few changes in the story to suit Telugu nativity. Though there is no depth in the story the director presented well.

Overall the movie is a good entertainer. Can term it as a time pass peanut.

No problem watching the movie with family. It is a once watch movie.

Rating :- 3/5