Naga Shaurya

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Naga ShauryaNaga Shaurya, is all ready to make his debut from the movie “Cricket Girls And Beer”.Our conversation is as follows.

Please tell about yourself.

I was born and bought up in Vijaywada. I am living here from past 7 years. My father Shankar Prasad is a businessman and my mom Usha prasad is House wife. My elder brother Gautam is a software engineer. I completed my B.Com from St.Mary’s College, Hyderabad.

How you got interest in Cinema?

It’s an unexpected thing for me to get into Cine Field. I went to watch a movie shoot and there Director S.Umesh saw me. He was looking for a new comer for his movie Cricket girls and beer. Later, He called me and offered me. After listening the story and I said yes to him.

Have you been to any acting school.

I have learnt acting course from Aruna Bhikshu garu. He is a well known teacher and he thought acting courses to celebrities like Ram, Jr.NTR, Kajal Agarwal etc. I did an 8 months course under Aruna Bhikshu.

Tell us about your role in Cricket Girls and beer?

I am playing the role of Vikram, a mass character. Vikram enjoys his life with his friends and is also very protective towards his family. When things go out of control, he takes the responsibility to make things stable, even if it requires him to take the law into his hands. In “Cricket girls and beer”, Beer stands for Vijay.

As a debutant how was your experience with the cast and crew?

As a debutant I thought Aadarsh and surya tej will rag me during the movie. But I was wrong; they were very good to me all the time. And we are very good friends now. Umesh garu used to take care of me all the time. It was a great experience to work with Cameraman Sharat garu, Music director Sham & Das.

Which is your favorite track in this movie?

I like “Merupai meriseney” track in the movie shoot for Surya Tej and Sarika Affan. I also like the revenge song “Shatruve eduta nilchunna”. I like these two songs.

Who is your favorite actor?

Jr.Ntr is my favorite actor. I like his acting, dance, fight and dialogue delivery, style.

What kind of roles you want to do in future?

I want to do two kinds of roles. One is romantic and the other is mass character.

What are your Hobbies?

I love Playing with kids.

Who is your Favorite Actress?

I like Saundarya Garu. She is my favorite.

Who is your Favorite Director?

Karuna Karan is my favorite. I want to work with him.

Which is your Favorite Movie?

“Ninne Pelladatha”, “Em Maya chesave” are my favorite movies.

What is Your Goal?

I want to do a film like “Ninne Pelladatha”. I want to get appreciated for my work and roles in the industry.

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