Prema Vimanam Movie Shortlisted For Rajasthan International Film Festival 2024

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Prema Vimanam Movie Shortlisted For Rajasthan International Film Festival 2024

ZEE5s Original movie Prema Vimanam shortlisted for Rajasthan International Film Festival 2024

The accoladerich film, Prema Vimanam, has added another feather to Tollywoods cap by earning a spot at the esteemed Rajasthan International Film Festival 2024. This cinematic extravaganza, marking its 10th edition, is scheduled to unfold in the regal Pink City of Jaipur from January 27th to 31st, 2024.

The festivals jury, comprising seasoned experts, shortlisted a total of five national films, seven regional gems, and three international cinematic marvels. Tollywood enthusiasts celebrated as the news broke, revealing that not only Prema Vimanam but also films like Mangalavaram and Madhurapudi Gramam Ane Nenu made it to the prestigious list.

Prema Vimanam features the young and talented Sangeeth Sobhan, who has carved a niche for himself with notable performances in films like Oka Chinna Family Story, Sharing the screen with Saanve Meghana, who played the female lead, the film also boasted a talented cast including Anasuya Bharadwaj and Vennela Kishore.

The films emotional depth and authenticity were further accentuated by the noteworthy performances of Abhishek Namas sons, Anirudh and Devansh, who played pivotal roles. Directed by Santosh Kata, Prema Vimanam skillfully navigated the intricate emotions of various characters, portraying the struggles and relationships within a young couple, their parents, and the endearing central characters—the young children and their resilient mother.

Devansh and Anirudh delivered compelling performances, infusing their roles with innocent expressions, heartfelt emotions, and charming dialogues. Anup Rubens contributed soothing music, and the background score seamlessly elevated pivotal scenes. Cinematographer Jagadeesh Cheekatis realistic and natural visuals immersed viewers in the narrative, enriching the storytelling experience. The film is proudly bankrolled by Abhishek Nama under the Abhishek Pictures banner.

As Prema Vimanam continues to garner recognition, its emotional journey resonates deeply with audiences, proving that impactful storytelling and authentic performances can shine irrespective of the films scale or budget. Prema Vimanam, Zee5s inaugural Telugu original film, has quickly become a sensation, captivating audiences within minutes and accumulating over 150+ million minutes of viewing time to date. This achievement highlights the films widespread appeal and the platforms success in delivering compelling content to a diverse audience.

ZEE5 has been consistently enriching its content library across multiple languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and more. From the comedydrama Oka Chinna Family Story by Pink Elephant Pictures to the acclaimed Loser and Loser 2 from Annapurna Studios, Gaalivaana from BBC Studios and NorthStar Entertainment, and Aha Naa Pellanta from Tamada Media, ZEE5 has showcased a variety of genres and storytelling formats.

The platforms commitment to delivering quality originals is evident in the diverse range of productions, such as Recce and Hello World from Pink Elephant Pictures, Maa Neella Tank, Mayabazar For Sale, ATM from DilRaju Productions, and PuliMeka and Vyavastha released this year. ZEE5 continues to expand its portfolio with an exciting lineup of upcoming Originals, promising a rich entertainment experience for its audience.

Adding to its success is the recent release of the original film Sirf Ek Bandhaa Kaafi Hai, starring Manoj Bajpai, which has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. ZEE5 remains at the forefront of the streaming landscape, solidifying its position as a premier platform for diverse and highquality content since its inception. As the platform looks forward to bringing more engaging Originals to its audience, it continues to shape the future of digital entertainment.