Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama: A Bold Story

Published On: March 23, 2013   |   Posted By:

Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama Wallpapers

Directed by: Trinadha Rao Nakkina

Produced by: J Samba Siva Rao

Starring:   Varun Sandesh, Rakshita Haasika, Komal Jha

Music: Sai Karthik

Cinematography: Chitti Babu

Banner: Sudha Cinemas

Rating: 3.5/5

Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama title taken from the famous illayaraja song from Guna starring Kamal Hassan is a unique story of a bachelor from Rajamundry. The movie is an experimental & bold one, because the story isn’t very typical. It starts off in a way that makes you extremely curious and keeps you guessing throughout about whats going to happen next.


In Priyathama neevachata kushalama, the song ‘Kundana’ is being played by Komal Jha is a very bubbly girl. She is a student whose parents want her to get married but funnily on her peli chupulu she arrives drunk on bhang; during the celebration of holi with her friends.The whole incident is quite humorously done and does mange to make you laugh out loud. Later on, she meets Varun (Varun Sandesh)  a serious and responsible young guy who owns a business and falls in love with him, but he spurs her advances. Because of something that happened to him in his previous relationship he does not encourage the type of behavior she exhibits. But she does not give up and he eventually falls in love with her. In the course of the movie Varun becomes very possessive of Kundana and that starts to tick her off, eventually leading them to a break-up. It is at this point that a flashback starts in the movie, which throws light on the reason for Varun’s possessiveness and attitude. The story of his past is quite an unexpected one and features ‘Preeti’ being played by Hasika. The movie is worth a watch because of the twists and sprinkles of humor here and there.


Varun Sandesh’s performance in this movie is brilliant as he manages to portray a multitude of emotions when playing a serious guy in the first half and a jovial, fun-loving and energetic person in the second. what we love the most though is the way he makes wayfarers and vests look cool. Its sure to hit a note with youngsters across Andhra and kick-off a new style trend among them. On the other hand Komal Jha’s struggle to play a bubbly girl is quite evident. Hasika does a pretty decent job with her character.


The highlight of the movie has to be the romance ,it comes across as natural and does not for a second put you off. The movie sends its message across very beautifully and subtly. It may not be evident from its dialogues but the undertones are such that they make you think and eventually realization strikes. But yes, there are a few dialogues that will become classics and you may soon hear people quoting them over and over again.

Bottom Line:

We’d end by saying that the name ‘Priyatama Neevachata Kushalama’ is apt for the story and fits in very well with the message that the movie was ultimately trying to get across.